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Feeling low

I'm sorry to come her and moan,I'm not generally a whinger but I'm just feeling so low.i recently had my second arthroscopic decompression which went well and after a month I went back to second day back a foot came off an artic lorry driving I front of me and hit my car which was promptly taken to the garage to be repaired.2 days after that I went to lift a bag if peas from the freezer and ripped the tendon in the shoulder I've just had my op now back in a sling,can't drive,can't work and back on 18pinter pain killers(they make me feel like I've drank the pints!!)

I'm so fed up and now I'm feeling completely fatigued and other should is starting to suffer cos I'm using it so much. Work above been mostly understanding but are clearly frustrated .ive just walked my 2little boys up to school and cried like a baby all the way back due to the pain and feeling like I've climbed mout Everest before I've even got there.

I'm sorry to offload but feel the need today

Not so smiley Callendar girl :((

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Bless your heart. I am so sorry that you are feeling so low. I know this is hard, try to take it as easy as possible today. Come here as often as you want to talk. Everyone here understands how you feel. I just wished that I could something to help take the pain away. I understand completely.

Gentle hugs. Linda


OMG Callender girl,

Boy, have you been through it. I just felt I had to say there is all of us here, to turn to. What is it with work places these days, no one has any time or ability to feel for their fellow man. Now the children are at school, forget the house and everything, get into a chair or bed! Do you like tennis?

Take loads of care and wishing much better days for you.



Go to bed callender girl,rest as much as possible until your children come in from school. I feel for you and i hope you soon start to feel brighter. Sending you cyber hugs. xx


I've just slept for most of the afternoon Calendar Girl and I've only got the slightest pains just now but my meds are making me really drowsy at the moment. So in your situation I would just curl up wherever is most comfy in your house and enjoy Wimbledon or old episodes of some good series or just sleep. Take care and I hope tomorrow is better for you. Tilda xx


Hi C

Sorry to hear your not feeling up to par. It never ceases to amaze me how you seem to take one step forward and 2 step backward with RA, it's something you get use to and yes I've written a blog with that heading in the past.

Hopefully you had a cuppa and then lots of sleep until you had to pick up the kids again?

One thing that I am learning is that it always eventually improves and that is true for all of us, so until then take it easy and internet hugs.

Get well soon

Joanne x


Thanks to you all for the hugs and support.i stayed in bed all day and today am feeling much brighter. Off to work later and it's my eldest sons 7th bday party too -promise to pace myself though!!


Hi Callendargirl,

I hope that you are feeling better and that you enjoy your sons birthday party. Go easy on the party games.

Take care of yourself.

Wendy x


Hi callender girl hope you are feeling a little better x


Very busy weekend but put my feet up when I got

The chance, thank goodness i had a good rest day on Wednesday.planning a lazy one this afternoon too. Feeling loads better.thanks for all your support,it really helps ;))


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