Trousers or skirt?

Big day tomorrow - I have got my first consultation with the specialist at the hospital tomorrow. I have prepared my list of questions - discussed them with hubby who is coming with me- but the burning question is ..... trousers or skirt? When you go to the doctors with various problems you normally know what areas are going to be looked at so its easy to decide what to wear!!

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Hi. On my first appointment the consultant did a full exam of all my joints so he had me strip down to my underwear. He gave me a sheet to cover up with though which he moved around to get to the joint he was examining so I didn't have to lie there in just my pants! (wish I'd realised though before so I could have planned my underwear better!).

Good luck with appointment


Same here at first appointment so I guess the answer is whichever you feel the most comfortable wearing. Hope all goes well.


I would go with which ever is easy for you.

Like the others say on your first appointment a strip off the bottom half normally takes place to get full view off joints.

So no see through thongs lol

Take care

keep us posted how your appointment goes

Julie x


A see through thong, Julie. Now there's a thought!! xx


lol !!

I went with my sister to an appointment she had last year and she wasnt expecting to strip and she was wearning one lol, needless to say she blushed the same red as her hair lol!



I also had a full examination in my undies - it was completely unexpected too so I was a bit flummoxed!


yes on last thurs I had physio (back is bad!) and she made strip to what were quite brief black lace undies oh dear. not a thong though.! I was v self conscious and I said please remind me to wear shorts next time.. I was told I was off centre?. no thats not my politics its my back.. I have right lean ! lol x


Oh black lace undies. Summer you little devil!

Can't be doing with thongs - like wearing a cheese cutter,whether see through or not! LOL.

I tend to wear trousers and a top which is easy to get off although my consultant has had to help me off with my top in the past when my shoulders are bad. He is married so should be used to helping ladies off with their clothes!

The first time I went, I was in a wheelchair and so crippled up with pain that my Rheumy could not examine me properly and didn't want to cause me further problems. He basically diagnosed me by just looking and then into hospital a couple of days later for a proper examination and steroid infusions.

When I saw the dermatologist about a dodgy mole, I had to strip off to bra and knickers and it wasn't until then, I realised I was wearing my once white bra, now grey with age. At least my knickers were white! Felt very embarrassed.

Erika, wear whatever you are comfortable in and hope the appt goes well.

LavendarLady x


Thank you everyone for the advice - sensible undies it is then - although quite tempted to go black and lacey!! Loose fitting trousers and top!

Thanks also for your good wishes - will report back!

Erika xxx


Hope you don't have a lady doc :) plain black cotton m & s undies & black t-shirt bra perfect for docs visits. Yep me too on first visit, stripped to undies, up on table good going over of joints, though she nearly got a kick in the face when she squeezed my swollen knee!!!

I always wear trousers, but I think a skirt would be easier to get in & out of with a male doc :)

I go to see an endocrinologist once a year & he always does a full breast exam & then weighs me, gosh topless! that can't be right can it?. Ho ho!

I know him years.

Years ago, I did roll up for a chest xray in a thong, I tell you backless gown with 3 ties, and g string not a good look!!!! especially for older ladies, lucky was only in 20s then.

Good luck with your visit, I prob going to see mine sooner than planned as my wrist is in a flare, my mouse wrist GRRRR!

impossible for me to get used to left wrist at work , so slow, but only solution at moment.

xxx gina.


Hi Gina, had to laugh when I read your blog. Thongs and x rays and backless gowns don't work well together. It's that draughty gap down the back which is the problem. Why they can't have gowns in different sizes is beyond me. I had the same problem when going for a scan on my shoulder but fortunately only had to strip off the top things.

Hope the wrist is better. LavendarLady x


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