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Have i missed chat about the prog Food Hospital and RA? was on last Wed CH4

Hiya, in case there was n me feelin left out Im startin another one LOL! thought it was really good and felt like i wanted people i knew to watch it so as to understand wots going on with me. The girl's ESR was actually 28 then down to 18 after eating diet. Was amazed she had had all the new joints too n so young! Was shocked cos my ESA has been 55 mostly then down to 37 now even with Hydroxy 400mg. Thought this was good!!!???

Regs J x

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Guess I can answer my own question above as I've justhappened to find NRAS ailsa's comments on the CH 4 programme Food Hospital!

so it's lots of love from Numpty! LOL!

J x


although not really connected because its a drama R.A is also part of a storyline currently on waterloo road where the character played by clare grogan ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY catchy early 80,s song) has the condition and her daughter thinks she may of inherited it. Like i said it is only a drama programe but at least it raises awareness of the disease a bit which can only be a good thing. lee

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I recorded it and watched last night. My ESR is currently 28 and I eat an anti inflammatory diet so I'll be interested to see what my rheumy team say at my appointment next week. I'm not convinced that certain foods help ra yet but I think weightloss has got to help. Beth's carrying double the recommended amount of body fat must put the joints under extra pressure. I can't preach though because my weight is far from ideal and she has had a lot to cope with. I was saddened that the programme didn't mention Beths drug regime as people uneducated in ra might suppose the disease can be controlled by diet alone after seeing the show.


Well they did say quite clearly that her disease couldn't be controlled or cured by diet alone I think Paula - although this was Ailsa's concern too of course so maybe they said it too quickly or my OH and I imagined it? I think things really have to be spelt out clearly with RA because the general popuation is so ignorant on the whole. Interestingly I was round at a friend's house earlier who used to be consultant dietician here and she said they had looked into diet and RA and never found any one diet that made things better for people generally although weightloss is always good for anyone with joint issues and she said she likes this programme better than any other programme that claims to heal people through diet. Tilda xx


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