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At Last!

Morning everyone. How you all doing? Am thinking of you all. I know I am not on here as often as i should be, and for that i aplogise. It doesnt mean to say that i am not thinking of you because i am.

I wanted to share with you that at long last my book was offically launched yesterday. Its's called Yes I Really Do Hate Yo-Yo's Living with the mood swings of cyclothymia and Rhuematoid Arthritis. R.A. by Paula Peters. It's all set to poetry. I have mentioned the NRAS in one of the peoms within the RA peices as a thank you for all the help you all gave me when i was first diagnosed and had no clue what to do.

The book has been published by chipmunka publisiing. so if you look at go on to online shop, then click on new products there it is. Priced £5 for the downloadable pdf/ebook.

Thank you to all of you for your encouragement, friendship and support. The book is dedicated to all of you here. I hope to raise awareness of RA and hope the book will help towards all that.

I am in the middle of my second book now, there will be lots more RA poetry in that, as the journey with the illness continues.

so if you want to have a look go to and have a look and you will see it.

Massive hugs to you all RA warriors! This book is for you all. xxxxx Thank you for belief and faith in me. It kept me going, it keeps me going. xxxx Paula xxx

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Hi Paula, well done for your book launch. I do hope it is a real success. Will certainly go on line and have a look. Best wishes. Lavendarlady x


hi how you doing, its on website, click to on line shop and you will ser it, thinking of you and sedning a hug, hope you are doing ok xxx


Well done Paula, just knew you could do it = ^..^ =

Beth 48 xx


Thanks beth, hope it rasies awareness of RA and what we all go through. here is hoping. take care and hugs to you xxx


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