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Hi all, just to let you know that my trainee gun dog Berry passed his Grade 2 test on Saturday with a merit. Can't think why as he would not walk to heel properly and our trainer told me to stop panicking as I was making the dog nervous! The examiner was busy making notes as well. Berry's sit and stay and his recall plus his retrieves were fine. He runs back to me with the dummy in his mouth like an Exocet missile going so fast, it is difficult for him to stop sometimes. Will be carrying in with his training over the winter and starting the water retrieves as well,. At least we know he can swim!

Went to the Sandringham Game Fair a week ago - very hot. We spent 2 hours there and eventually found the beer tent for a sit down and a drink. Watched some of the events in the main show ring and also watched the gun dog scurry (where they are sent out to search for and retrieve various dummies which have been hidden). That was good fun - some dogs better than others. It is done as a time trial so may enter Berry next year. When I say dummies - I don't mean shop mannequins! They are rolls of cloth about 8 inches long in either green or orange and the dog has to search, find, and then bring them back to the handler., It mimics what they would do in the shooting field when they have to pick up shot birds. They also float in water as well.

Having got rid of the cystitis, I then went down with a heavy cold and laid up for 4 days. Do wonder if have got a bit run down after my shoulder op. Still very painful although my surgeon did say it would flare up from time to time and would take about 6 weeks for the soft tissue to settle down after being pulled around.

Going to get my hair washed and coloured today as I still cannot manage to do it myself as it hurts to have my arm up for too long. So a bit of relax time this afternoon. Beautiful day here today with clear blue sky and sunshine but a bit chilly.

I know Sylvia likes to have her nails done as do I. My nail bar is now using a different technique called newgeneration nails or newgen for short. It is a powder and gel which is put on, then a nail varnish is applied then more gel over the top which is heat sealed. Doesn't need taking off and doesn't chip and lasts about 3 weeks.You can paint over the top if fancy a change which you can then wipe off with nail polish remover but the original colour stays on until buffed off by the salon using a special tool. Having mine done next week in time for the holidays.

Summer, so sorry to see on an earlier blog that your dad is not too good. Hope you get better news soon.

We are off soon to Cyprus so will let you know all about it when we get back. Love LavendarLadyxx

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You will have to post pictures of your new hair and nails LL i would love to see what they look like.

I bet your real proud of berry passing his test,its down to hard work by you and your trainer. You will sweep the board at competition next year when you enter him. I bet you have been enjoying the norfolk weather. I have been to bedworth this morning and i have decided to put my canopy back on my scooter as it is quite nippy in the wind going over there.

Hope you have a lovely holiday when you go to cyprus.

Love Sylvi.xx


Nothing like getting someone else to do your hair for relaxation...I love it, especially as my hair cutter gives me a head massage at the same time.

And well done Berry. We've nearly decided to buy an australian sheepdog rather than a gun dog, as so much livestock round our way. So I hoping that it'll be easier to train not to chase things. Here's hoping!

Enjoy the warm weather in Cyprus. Pollyx


An Australian sheep dog is probably on the same lines as a border collie, as far as training is concerned. Our dog Floss is a border collie and in spite of the fact that we have never had a dog before, she has been really easy to train, just always be consistant in your commands, plenty of exercise (she is an expert at catching a frisbee) and don't allow them to do things as a pup that you won't want them to do as they get bigger! I know how much you have wanted a dog - enjoy. Wendy xx

P.S. Are you permanently in France now?


Our last dog, who we loved dearly, was a border collie. But totally nuts and untrainable; she was epileptic so the drugs to stop her having fits made her have zero attention span. Anyway, that was 10 years ago but still remember the stress of having a dog you couldn't control. So will be really firm about training this time, and sort of why we're thinking of a pedigree with clean bill of health rather than another mutt. And yes, am now over here most of the time but still trying to work out how best to emigrate formally as far as health service goes. I only get a month prescription at a time so can't risk a gap in rheumy's. Thanks for asking, Pollyx


Well done to Berry - have a great time in Cyprus!


Glad to hear you are ok if still sore. Hope the weather will aid your recovery. Well done to Berry. Axx


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