Need help but I can't get a gp to speak yo me until tomorrow and no clinics at rheumy until tomorrow so nobody there either

Today the pain is unbearable I'm not stiff which I think is due to the steroids but the pain is soooo bad. I don't know what to do. I don't want to go to A+e because I feel bad for taking the nursesntime from people who have had accidents or heart attacks etc. Feel they will think im wasting there time.

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SO sorry you feel this way try ringing nhs direct they will tell you if you Can go to a and e or can sometimes arrange doctors to come to you.

Worth a try x thinking off you x let us know how you get on x

Take care big hugs x

Julie x


Hi Marnie, can you get someone to ring your GP reception and demand they come out and see you, they are able to do that but you have to be very persistent.

Or like Julie said go to A&E if your suffering that bad, which you obviously are, there are doctors on there to help give you what you need.

Isn't there anybody at the rheumy clinic at all? surely there must be someone around. It is better if someone else call's for you, such as your mom/sister/friend. You don't have the energy to explain exactly how you feel or the energy to stand up for yourself but someone else could do that for you. My husband was the one always calling the clinic/or GP telling them how much pain I was in and couldn't stand it anymore.

Then like Julie also said there's the NHS Direct or NRAS helpline.

I would do it for you if I could, nobody should suffer like you are, it's just not right.

Take care

mand xx


My understanding is that your doctors have an obligation to see you on the same day if you say it is essential and an emergency (which it is) Your RA Nurse should be able to contact your GP and arrange an appointment on your behalf telling them what medication is required. (my RA nurse did this some months back for me when my Dr's said they had no appointments and they called me back with an appointment time.) You should not have to wait. May be worth giving the NRAS helpline a call to see if they can give you any advice in the mean time. Take care and get lots of rest. regards Mel


They told me nobody was in rheumy department. I rang my rheumy nurse at her other hospital so now waiting to see if she calls me back. My gp surgery said I didn't ring early enough or attend the open access clinic this morning so I cried at. Women and said yes it's that much of an emergency that I can't move to get to ur stupid access clinic. She said nout she can do but put me in for a tel appointment tomorrow afternoon. Going crazy in bed at the moment. Mum said she will ring on her lunch break coz shes gotta gointo a meeting which I understand, she's busys. Just don't think drs and up them selves receptionist understand the pain! I haven't stubbed my toe or got a stomach ache I have head to toe attacking pain.

Fingers crossed somebody calls me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sorry hahaha just gotta explode.



so sorry to hear you Feel this way!

if you get no joy then go to A&E and if they say why have you come here tell them they were your last resort. You shouldn't have to suffer like this its so wrong!

I really hope you can get some extra pain relief soon.

Julie xx


Oh Marnie, your still suffering???? something just not right here, they can't do this to you. Were not allowed to leave an animal suffer never mind a human being it's a disgrace.

Like I say you need someone to shout and complain for you, I know your mom is busy but hopefully she can get the time to help you soon. She must hate seeing you suffer like that, so there's nothing better than an angry mom on the phone!!!

I so wish I could do more.

Speak again soon, and please keep us updated.

Good luck.

mand xxx


I was like this 6 months ago and desperate.We tried every number we had and in the end my husband called 999 and the paramedic was brilliant. Within an hour I had a 120mgs depo steroid to relieve pain, given by an out of hours GP. It didn't cure it but it helped. The paramedic said I did the right thing as my body was going into shock.

Get your mum to ring back the surgery and say if no one can help you will have to ring 999 - hopefully they will realise how desperste you are.

I really feel for you and hope it won't be long before you get help.

Sue xx


Hi Marnie, so sorry you are suffering. Have you got any paracetemol at home. Take a couple of those = it will help with the pain.

If your surgery won't help, can you go down there and wait to see a doctor? Our surgery permits that if you are an emergency.

If not, I agree with the others, NHS Direct, A & E at the hospital, 999 as a last resort. Contact your rheumy nurse again and ask her to deal with the GP surgery for you. It is disgraceful that you cannot get any help. When you feel better, you need to put in a formal written complaint to the senior doctor in your local practice. You are certainly NOT wasting anyone's time. RA is just as serious as a heart attack (if not quite so urgent) or an accident or whatever else people suffer from.

When I think of the drunks cluttering up A & E at our local hospital = they are really the time wasters - it makes my blood boil!

Hope you will feel a little better soon. LavendarLady x


Mum had no luck with gp Surgury but a little from the hospital so waiting for them to all back. Don't know who though. I don't think I can take paracetamol because of my tramadol and brutans patches??? Anybody know if I am. Just laying in bed wishing the pain away watching tv was driving me insane co the pain kept distracting me. I think the is pain is about 10 out of 10 it's like nothing I have felt before without being stiff as well.

All this waiting too I just want someone to say they can help.

Hoping the hospital calls back soon x


Sorry your feeling so unwell Marnie,

Have you got a tens machine? i've noticed a few comments about them regarding severe pain.


hi poorly computer person here. ie poorly computer!

yes tens excellent I have used one. you can safely use paracetamol with the ramadol and patches.. but im afraid they wont help far weaker than the other two drugs x

the telephone appoint hope you have had ?!it if not use it to tell the dr how much pain you are in!. the situation is ridiculous

Alison xx


typo should say tramadol;; advice is correct re drugs. but as there has been lots of problems on this site recently.. disclaimer applies to above.


Hope you have been seen by now!

I cant beleive you have been left to suffer this long! (well I can Ive been there) but I never thought at the time of others being made to suffer like that too!

Like Mand said we wouldnt allow an animal to suffer like this.

Thinking off you xx


Marnie!! how are you, have the hospital called back?

If not then do what Sue said and phone 999 and explain how much pain you are in and that nobody is willing to help you.

I do hope you have got something to help you, don't worry about answering, just need you to know were all thinking of you.

Mand xx


Ermgency dr came out can't give me morphine so waiting for ambo to take me in. Dr said hes never seen RA so severe in young person

Off to hositsl for. Lovely morphine



Posting from my hospital bed! Bad night will explain all later waiting for consultant x



Hope you managed to get a bit of sleep and that you got some correct medication. Been thinking of you. You must be assertive with the consultant when he/she comes round. x


Marnie, I'm so glad to hear you are at hospital getting the support you need - feel better soon. xx


Morning poor marnie.. yes strong morphine type painkillers and or steroid injections might be what they give you. ?.. and I hope they fast track some effective treatment for you for the RA.

Im afaid thats why I said the paracetamol probably wouldnt touch it.. I hope they get you some effective pain relief and RA treatment sorted asap.. you are they right end of the week to get some treatment.. consultants often dont work fridays at my hospital and it runs very thin on staff through the weekend period.. we have a skeleton crew in the pharmacy at the weekends and the wards do the same obviously though people are on call on a rota basis from all departments.

with lots of love you take care and keep every one posted xx

Alison x


Update- seen medic dr who said I'm here for a few days :-( she has given me more morphine and requested I'm moved to rheumatology ward. Now waiting for the pain team and rheumy consultant to come from another hospital x


Hi Marnie, well at least you are in the right place. I agree with summer (our resident "expert" on drugs) that paracetemol would not be much use if you are on Tramadol which is so much stronger and you have had some morphine as well which will also help. (I can't take anything which has a morphine base as allergic to it so have to struggle on with nurofen, paracetemol, the occasional steroid injection, MTX and anti tnf). Not had any of those this last week apart from nurofen because of a heavy cold. So back on it tommorrow - thank god as in a lot of pain at present.

Hope they get you sorted out soon and you will begin to feel better. Have a good rest and let them wait on you. Let us know how you get on - we shall look forward to the bulletins from Emergency Ward 10 (you are too young to remember that I should think! so am I really. lol).

Love and best wishes. LavendarLady x


Went to docs last friday for depo jab (4th this year). Havnt seen him before but he was wonderful. He was the one who got angry!! Wanted to ring hospital and demand they change my medication. He explained that the medication I am on (maxtrex and sulphasalazine), doesnt always work and there are newer, more effective drugs on the market now. Says during the last five years or so, research into RA has been extensive - well it gives you hope!

Its now Tuesday, not as painful but not as good a result as I had hoped. Seems with me, the more injections I have, the less effective they are.

Hope your more comfortable now Marnie. Rest up and take care.



I asked my mum what emergency 10 was as I didn't know. She remembers it. 5th lot of morphine now. Waiting for pain team and then to b moved to rheumy ward! X


bet you are "floating" take care rest and I hope the food is ok xx!!


Hi Marnie,

Just reading thru this blog, and hope you are going to get the care you obviously deserve, what a terrible experience. Hope you get nice & pain free in next few days.



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