Well feeling ok ish today ,so far .........eye test Doc said had lovely brown eyes ;)))))

am feeling ok is today ,,, was awake a lot in the night with burning feet ,knees and my hip hurting if I tried to to lay on it and my neck hurt and on fire .... but in the big scheme of things am not too bad ,, but to be honest not really done alot this morning .. The tell tale bit wll be after been to town and to the little market to get some fruit . Also got to look for some of those electric cigarettes for my daughter as she want to stop smoking for her 30th birthday which is on Saturday .....

..My eye test the other day was good result as said my meds are not affecting my eyes yay but do have a small cataract developing in my right eye but nothing to worry about at mo,,, my problems are age related mostly and RA but he did cheer me up when he said ,,,, "you have lovely brown eyes .".... right int to own I go before it rains ......hope all are ok and not in to much pain ,,,,xxxx.

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  • Pottypam, isn't it lovely when someone make a comment about something nice about you. When i had my eyes tested earlier this year my optician said that there were cateracts starting in my eyes,but he said that there wasn't much to worry about yet,but he never said i had nice eyes!! unlike you. I have been up a good part of the night as well and i am starting to droop so i think i will try and get a bit of a sleep. xxx

  • As the saying goes 'A little bit of flattery does you good', no matter what age you are you will enjoy it. Let's hope it will make you feel like walking on air to make up for the burning feet.

  • I fell in total love with my eye consultant when he said the same to me, and he liked my top, aah it makes you feel good doesnt it!!! And looking at ur picture he was telling the truth Axx

  • Ah thank you Allanah ,Georji and Sylivi , your comments as good as his any day lol. and yes it does make you feel good, Must be one of my few weeks for nice things to be said ,,, as some one told me today I look at most 49 which as I am 57 next month made me feel great on top of the eye thing ..... Thing is though it makes me forget for a while how OLD my body feels ..which is more like 109 most days ,, lol,, Just waiting for a third lol or maybe for the other shoe to drop to bring me back ... And looking good with this thing can work to your disadvantage...... but..... hey ho I don't care today lol love and hugs to you all and hope you in not too much pain today xxxxxxx

  • 'snot fair !!! my optician doesn't say anything nice to me, only says things like .......... it's going to cost you ........... 'cause you need new glasses. Thanks a lot.

    Just to be different, I have a cataract starting in my left eye and also been told it's not a problem at the moment. (Probably a side effect of something we are all taking - at least if it does become a problem it's sortable)

    Judi xxxxxxxxxx

  • Move to another optician, ha ha!!!!! But if you look as lovely as your blogs are, you must look like an angel! Axx

  • Bless you Allanah. Can I say 'Ah' and thank you. (I had a photo taken for a card into a wholesale warehouse and I swear Iook like a tortoise which is nearer to the truth!) So listen here all you young ladies, keep putting on that face cream if you don't want to end up like me - I blame the drugs personally.

    Your comment did raise a smile though ......... many years ago I was once the good fairy in a local pantomime! (It was Jack and the Beanstalk, my Husband was the Dame, eldest daughter was a lady from the EEC - dont ask - and my youngest daughter was the good fairy's cat who only had to do '2 meows' and I forgot to let her in at one performance and then she wasn't feeling well at the second performance so she didn't get to 'say' her piece at all - never been allowed to forget that one).

    My opening words were "Do not be afraid of me, I'm here to hep you as you'll see" and my husband's were "There you are you idle lad you make my heart so very sad ........" Our 5 minutes of fame!

    Have a good day and nice weekend.

    Judi xxxxxxxxxx

  • that sounds brill!! Like the idea of your hubby being the dame!! My boys as youngsters were in a tv show called Dalziel and Pasco and we spent three day filming and being treated like celebs, then the big day came and their three days was cut to about 2 minutes!!! but they still got paid ha ah Axx

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