Hi, I thought that I'd tell you that for the last few months I've been planning my mums 80th birthday surpise, getting her 2 living siblings and our family together for an Indian meal (thats her favourite) having e 1951 Bentley pick her up and take her to Greenwich park for some photos before going to the restaurant, and paying for her renewal of her Rock Choir membership,and my daughters and I have made a scrap book of her life (first 1 for me) but I'm surprised how awful I've been feeling, emotionally drained, soooo tired,flare ups,nausious,well you all know what this disease does to us, I'm feeling abit more relaxed knowing its on Sunday and everythings in place, all it wants now is for me to be not well enough to go!!!!! Just wish I had a sister to share it with, 2 beautiful (inside and out) daughters who have helped me, and brothers who think I've got nothing better to do (I don't work due to ill health). Thats my moan over. Take care Ann x

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  • Keeping a surprise, organising it all and doing the normal everyday things, it's not surprising you are feeling drained at this time. Your ra has decided to kick up at you in the only way it knows. Try and get some rest tomorrow, early bedtimes if possible for two nights. On Sunday thoroughly enjoy the day, the celebrations with your mum and family, tell the ra go take a hike!

    Will be thinking of you and hope that it will be pain free one for you.

  • Ahh, thanks so much Georje, thats lovely. Ann x

  • Ann well done you. We did a surprise for hubbys 65th birthday and how he didn't find i will never know. Now everything is in place take a nice hot soak in the bath and rest up until sunday then you can enjoy yourself. If anything comes up tell your brothers to sort it out as you are resting ready for sunday.

    You have a lovely party and enjoy yourself. love

  • Thank you Sylvi, I've done very little this afternoon, just got to get my cloths and medication sorted, then tomorrow will be 'duvet' day for me!! Take care Ann xx

  • Sounds a lovey birthday surprise

  • Have a brilliant time and hope it all goes to plan, I'm sure it will be great fun. Enjoy !!Axx

  • Hope you all have a lovely time. Wendy xx

  • Thank you one and all, the cake was delivered this morning 9;20 so have done nothing at all, Bernie and I are going to the noodle bar tonight, yum yum. Thank you all once again, Take care Ann xx

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