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youll never believe my luck


i was again readmitted into hospital after only being out 6 days im home again now i'm feeling much better.

i had a massive flare up while in hospital as my blood results showed my crp had gone up to 237 which is high concidering it ment to be below 7.5 get to see my consultant on the 26th so will deff be speaking to them bout i thank you every one for your kind loveing words so far through my bad patch.


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Char, sending you hugs as you really need them now don't you. I hope your crp soon comes back down and you will be in less pain.. xxx


Hi, I hope that you are on the mend now, enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts.


Oh Char, what a miserable time you have been having. I have to say though, CRP of 237 is pretty impressive girl! You must have been in agony.

I do hope they get you sorted soon. Lots of support and sympathy from me to you. xxx



i was in alot of pain guys i much better now im now on a pain patch which has helped me loads but my docs r very worried as im only 25 years old so got to have a review of all meds and treatment and hopefully get on one that helps and hopefully i can get on these high pain drugs any way thank so much again for all care and support and i hope to not have another flare up as big as that one it was masssive.



Here's hoping you improve day by day, and somehow they can get the balance right for you. I've never heard of anyone having crp 237 on first diagnoses mine was something like 150 I think. But wow! Look after yourself.


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