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Indian or Blip?

Yesterday, did the usual Monday morning of injecting Embrel for PsA, hoping that the neck and shoulder pain would ease, otherwise it was definitely cold shoulder. Last evening we decided to have a takeaway delivery of Indian. Today the shoulder/neck is easier so not cold shoulder, but the left foot is not so good and protesting when I walk. Conversations of late have been about food and does this effect you. I am thinking that my foot is complaining as I had an Indian last evening, has anyone else notice and increase of symptoms when they have had a take out?

If not then foot is being *****minded today! Normally today is the best day of week and I do as many chores as my body will allow. Oh to be a normal, spritely person again, instead of this moaning weak person. Must really count my Blessings, there are plenty in worse pain. This site can prove that.

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Maybe, but that doesn't make your pain any less real. Can't say that I've ever noticed pain increasing when I have takeout but then everyone's different so it's possible I suppose. I've spent so many years trying this diet and that in the hope that it will alleviate the symptoms (it never has) that I've given up worrying about it now.

I'm having a bad day too today but I haven't done anything to make it so. I think that some days our bodies just decide to misbehave. the hardest bit is not feeling guilty when I spend the afternoon on the sofa when there's so much to do. But it'll still be here tomorrow :-)


I have never noticed when my pain is bad if it is affected. I do know though through my hiatus hernia if something doesn't like me. I do have to have a korma instead of the hot and spicy curries that i used to love. sylvi.xx


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