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Does this sound familiar, anyone?

Hello all,

after a virtually pain-free few months I've had twinges in my hands, feet and legs for the last week or so. At first they lasted just a minute or two during the night, mainly. Both intensity and frequency have increased so that today I've had these unpleasant sensations pretty much constantly and it is getting close to pain.

At the same time I feel quite peculiar all over, as if I was made of putty! A yukky, soft and squidgy feeling from my legs to my neck!

I am on 5mg of Prednisolone daily - it's as if the disease has finally broken through the steroid barrier. I've also been taking Methotrexate for about 10 weeks now and I'm wondering whether these changes might be related to the MTX finally beginning to do its work. Has anyone else experienced a worsening of symptoms at this stage of treatment?

(I'll be off to the doctor if things get worse but for now I'm just interested in other peoples' experiences. Anyone who can make any sense of my description of the 'putty' feeling deserves a medal!)

Christina x

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Sorry can't help you Christina. On metho but in injection from. Hope you get an answer soon as it sounds very unpleasant.

Wishing you a speedy get well



Yes this maybe a flare or a run up to one? I didn't realise that flares could make you feel woozy, sluggish and very chilled with just an all over ache until I went to my GP for a bloodtest and mentioned it and she said that's how she would define an RA flare. These things come in all shapes and sizes it seems - get your GP to check you out asap - I don't think you should increase your steroid dose until you've had GP or rheumy clearance to do so. Tilda xx


sounds like a flare chrisie, but I'm not a doctor. check it out with your gp or if you can't wait or worried go to a&e. let us know.

regards, sandra


I have the putty feeling in my wrists and knuckle at moment, know exactly what you mean, I think it's inflammation, hope it eases soon, ice packs help me sometimes, particularly sore last few days... Weather??


Many thanks for your helpful replies everyone. I tried to reply to individual responses yesterday but it didn't work - so many technical probs. lately.

I'm aware that what I'm experiencing is nothing compared to what many people have to put up with. But I also know that I need to keep an eye on this and your advice and thoughts help me to get an angle on what's happening.

My GPs really do not care - it's a disgrace & I'm really cheesed off with it. I had the audacity to speak to one of them on the phone for 5 minutes in the last 10 weeks - that's all I've asked of them - & his air of impatience was breathtaking.

So I'm off on my hols now, in a drafty, leaky old camper van (I know!) & in the unlikely event that I need more help I'll go to A&E.

Christina x


Have a great time Christina. I hope you feel better soon. xx


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