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Perhaps it's my fault or my laptop is psychic, having said I'd be going quiet for a month to work, but is anyone else having trouble with this HU site? I find that many of the questions and blogs say there are many more comments than there actually are and if I want to upload a comment it's taken ages or refusing me? Also sometimes I just can't log on at all. NRAS homepage is coming up fine as are all the other sites I regularly use including google so it's not about broadband connection - just this site that's giving me jip. I'll take it as a sign to stay clear for a while but if others are experiencing this too then I hope this question will help HU sort it out somehow.

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  • Yes Tilda,there does seem to be a problem and it isn't getting any better. sylvi.xx

  • Oh good it's not just that I'm jinxed at least Sylvi! Let's just hope this question alerts the IT people to sort it out soon anyway. TTx

  • Hi there Tilda and HU IT people,

    it's been a busy time recently and when I did eventually sit down and reply to someone's question the 'submit answer' button didn't work. I think that's happened a few times and it is annoying as there's no way to save comments etc. as drafts - a bit of a disincentive to writing thoughtful responses.

    Christina x

  • Well I've just managed to write something on Oliver's Olympics blog after 3 or 4 attempts but I was grumpier for it than I'd meant to be! And I note it says that he's had 16 comments but I can only read 3 now and one of them is mine at last! Let's hope something is done about this asp. Tilda x

  • That Olympic blogs disappeared and the comment box has shrunk now too

  • Not for me it hasn't - it's about 2/3rds of the way down the blogs and now says "26 Comments"!? TTx

  • Hi, I sent an email to HU the other day as I have been having the same problems, the reply stated they are having problems with the server as there are a lot of people using HU, and they are trying to resolve the issue.

  • Just this weekend, I was emailed notices of comments from Sylvie and Reikimaster,, to some comments I had posted. I click on the site title, but got "Oh Snap"...that page is unavailable...said to try later, so I did, for three days it hasn't worked. ?? Lxx

  • I have had 3 HU NRAS emails for threads dating back to last year and when I've tried to open them I've got the same message as you are getting Loret. I'm not even sure that one of these threads existed and certainly sure I didn't post on one of them to begin with. I hope this helps as I'm not quite sure how to email HU although I'm going to try replying to the latest one and hope that someone picks up soon. TTx

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