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Guilt from employer

Hi since having the mother of all flare ups,knees,front of ankles,toe knuckles i managed to work through this having only one day off unfortunately my job is ten hour shift on my feet by the end of two days I'm shuffling and feeling sparodic aggravation(pain but not as severe as a flareup ) any tips?unfortunately I'm off today due to no sleep from nausea so calmed down on the anti inflammation naproxen to ease nausea but pain in my knees my boss makes me feel guilty but I'm doing all i can to keep working unfortunately it is a small unskilled company and does not embrace modern management philosophy if you know what i mean lol any info tips links etc gratefully received ta :-)

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Even if the company is small, they still have to follow employment law. The most useful place I have found is the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Their website and telephone helpline are really excellent.

Good luck - dealing with employers can be really hard, especially if they think you've got "just a bit of arthritis, my granny had that, and she carried on coalmining for thirty years."


thanks dotty last quote about sums it up lol,no really lol


hi im havin problems since i went back in july after 6 months off for surgery ive had ra for 17 years and ive worked at morrisons for 14 years this is my 2 nd operations last one was 5 years ago . i am disabled and we have rights as well ,plus the care of duty they have to provide this the law ,if u need adaptaions to ur work space they can do that its called accsess to work thru the benfits agency ,the work place doesn pay the social do ... i have a friend who works there ... get intouch with citzen advice also its on line also ...and if ur in a union ring them as well .. which is what ive had to do note everything down as well drs letters appoitments etc x good luck x


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