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today is a definite go back to bed day

woke up at 4 pm knee killing me and ankles

last night me back and neck where burning so im giving everything a rest even me hand hurting today

dont know if if got over stressed with selling the car and waiting to pick up new one to see if i can make it their.

or selling me 1928 triumph to a guy in holand and him picking it up on the 13th aug.

all tasks are becoming quite a bit to much but i see me doctor thursday

started in me knees now the bleeding thing is everywhere hate the ribs hurting to.

took some paracetomol see if that will carm things down.

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John, i hope the paracetamol have had some success in abating the pain for you. Stress doesn't help as i well know. Its no fun being woken up in the night with pain. Go back to bed and rest and see if that helps. Sylvi.xx


Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. Stress is a big no no for me and my arthritis too as it always causes me more pain. I hope your doctor can give you something a bit better than paracetamol but a good rest will probably be the best medicine. Take care

Paula x


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