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Today is the day

Hi all,

am feeling a bit fed up, worried and scared! the last three weeks have been hell so many flare ups both shoulders both hands swelling, fingers locking, both knees finding it hard to get up the stairs, both feet red sore and swollen so hard to walk now. finally got a sick note until 22nd March. But today is dee day back at the hospital for results of TB test this afternoon and steroid injection. if i pass the TB test i get the go ahead for my anti TNF injections. so am praying like mad because if i don't get the go a head today then i just don't know what will happen next ????

Am so fed up of feeling like this not being able to even dress myself take care of my kids, i often wander what i did to deserve the rotten illness..............

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I am sorry to here that you are having a lot of flare ups Sarah. I know that it is hard some times but try and think positive I am shore that your TB test will come back as negative and you'll be able to have your TNF injections today. Good Luke. xx


Good luck hope every thing turns out ok x


Sorry to hear you're in pain Sarah. We all feel low at times and can understand what you're going through. It can be so frustrating and worrying waiting for test results. Wishing you luck with the tnf.

Sending you gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx


Hi thanks for all your well wishes but it didn't go well at the hospital today just as i thought.Now i need a further test for TB ( blood test) it takes 4 weeks to come back if that's negative i can have the anti TNF but if positive then i have to have 3 mths of treatment which will delay the anti TNF !!!! so so fed up with it all !!! so now all i can do is play the waiting game....................................


sending u some hugs, i know exactly what you mean :( hoping you get your TNF xxx


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