Hi everyone, I'm new to this site as from today and have been reading the q's and a's with interest. I've recently been diagnosed with RA and am taking my first dose of mtx tomorrow (gulp!). It is reassuring to know my fears are natural and that I have to look forward to the benefits that the drug can hopefully bring. My question is that it's been suggested that I see a podiatrist, what does a podiatrist actually do and how would one help me please?

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  • Hi Ellabelle

    What a nice name & welcome!!!

    I've never seen one, but I think they do something with feet - lower leg, ankles etc.

    Podiatrist use to be called chiropodist? There are more peps on here that are more knowledgeable than I, and have actually visited a podiatrist, they will respond in time and be able to give you more info.

    Hope you enjoy blogging here :)

    Sci x

  • Hi Sci

    Many thanks for your reply and warm welcome, I'm so glad I've found this site, I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot! x

  • Hi Ellabelle

    A Podiatrist deals with your feet, If you have problems with your feet especially the balls of your feet, they will make you some insoles for your shoes,making it easier for you when walking.They are really good, I have had some and I am ready for some more,I go back to podiatrist at the end of August.Hope this helps x

  • Hi Kyrach

    Thanks so much for the info, all has become clear as I was saying that the balls of my feet are so painful. I shall get on the case straight away and find myself a pod person :-)

    I'm glad the insoles are working for you x

  • Hi Ellabelle

    I have had one appointment with the podiatrist. He checked my walking, how I stand what movement I had in my feet and legs. He gave me exercises to do to stretch the muscles and help with the joints. I am waiting for a follow up visit.

    Take care xx

  • Hi 2plus2

    Thank you for the info. it's really nice having so many brains to pick on here and to be amongst folk who understand. I hope your feet are improving, I really miss going for walks but hope things will improve. You take care too x

  • I see a podiatrist too, and it's really helpful as my feet are the worst bit. Sadly some of the joints got damaged before I managed to get diagnosed and start the drugs. After my first assessment I started off with exercises (which really helped) and some ordinary inserts for my shoes. Each set lasts for quite a long time. But more recently he's checked how my feet are doing using ultrasound (like what is used to check pregnant women, sticky gel....) and is now going to cast my feet so I can have custom made inserts that fit exactly. Can't wait! But maybe they are suggesting it as preventative, and your feet could be ok. Polly

  • Hi Polly

    I'm sorry your feet are so troublesome, really hope your custom made inserts will improve things for you. Will I have to pay to see a podiatrist do you know or will it be the good old NHS that foots (excuse the pun) the bill? Also, how do you find out if any joints are damaged? I'm guessing from x-rays? Thanks for the info x

  • should be the NHS...which is probably why I had to wait before they decided I was worth the money of custom made ones!

  • Hi Ellabelle. I am just back from my first podiatrist appointment. She was lovely and asked lots of questions of how my feet felt. Had my socks and shoes off and she checked them and then my ankles, then how my hips rolled. I then had to walk back and fore in front of her. She scanned my toes and feet to see where the inflammation or swelling was. I am getting some insoles to help me keep my ankles straight. A very positive experience. I see her again in October. Good luck with yours x

  • Hi Rockpool60

    Thank you for sharing your experience, I def think I need to see one. I have a blood test in the morning (oh joy, I hate needles!) so will see what I can find out via the surgery. I hope your feet improve and things get easier for you x

  • The link below will take you to a section on foot care which explains the role of a podiatrist amongst other information. Good Luck with the methotrexate.


  • Hi Judetheobscure

    Many thanks for the link, I already feel as though I'm among friends here. No side effects as yet with the methotrexate, fingers crossed it stays that way! x

  • As RA affects the feet it is important for a podiatrist to give you arch supports. The RA has given me flat feet which are quite painful without the supports.

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