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Well, I have now got my insoles. Unfortunately, they do not fit half my shoes but are ok in my boots. Many of my shoes have arch supports anyway so the arch support on the insoles is just too bulky. I must admit they do help though with the pain in my feet. The other thing is they do "draw" the feet and I end up with swollen feet and ankles and feeling very hot.

I just need something to prevent the pain on the balls of the feet where the bones have dropped.

Himself says to persevere and the Podiatrist said the same thing - to use them and build up gradually from one or two hours a day to full time.

If no improvement think I will have to ring him and see if they could be made thinner.

I don't know why they always assume that our feet are wider than they are. Nothing seems to be made to fit ladies shoes which are much narrower and not as deep as mens.

Will carry on and see how I go with them. LavendarLady x

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LL,i have insoles and they won't fit in half of my shoes as they are not deep enough. In shoes that they fit i do put them in. I am waiting delivery of some house slippers as they are good for feet,so i've been told by podiarist. Yes they do draw the feet the only answer to that is wear nylon socks,i know they look ridiculous and my feet like the fresh air.



I know exactly what you mean. My insoles are very good but they only fit in my big walking boots and my ankle boots. But they don't fit in any of my normal shoes. That is why I spend most of my time wearing FitFlops!


Yes I was going to suggest FitFlops LL, although I realise that you are, as your name suggests, a bit on the elegant side for such clodhoppers! But I live in them and have put molded insoles in them as they are too wide and hurt my toes and balls of feet when I'm walking on uneven surfaces or going down hill (live on the side of a steep hill so this is often!). They are great with the insoles now though although my feet are only mildly problematic compared to yours. Try going online to Sketchers or FitFlops and seeing if there are some that you like perhaps? TT


Hi TT, have tried Fitflops but they were so painful and rubbed a blister between my toes, that I put them out for the jumble sale. They were hardly worn either. I cannot seem to get on with anything that has a toe post in it. LL x


Oh that's a shame LL they are so expensive. I have the biker boots and clogs and I have to stop myself from wearing them all day everyday - clogs especially they are amazing they just cradle my feet beautifully somehow. I have high arches and very narrow feet and bought the fitflops when the RA was really excruciating in my feet but now my feet aren't too bad mostly but have just got so used to being held by them. We should have done a swap if we were compatable size - I'm 5 and narrow and have some very elegant shoes I never wear any more but they wouldn't fit your insoles either I'm afraid! TTx


I've got off the shelf thinner insoles for more everyday use, and the ones I got from podiatrist I use in my wellies (apparently I've got the extra thick ones for diabetics - which are beautifully comfortable but just a bit thick). I bought my own insoles once I knew what suited me, but from proper orthotics company online so they do give support. Apart from that I pad around in my Alpro Birkenstocks - v ugly but good support.

On the subject of feet - I went to a secure site today where you have to go through scanners. Anyway I was wearing steel toe boots as required for site safety, which set off the machine. So the security guard grabbed my foot and squeezed hard across the front to check. My, did I yelp!


Blimey Polly I hope you gave the man an earful? It's like when people shake my hand with an extra hard grip and I almost pass out with pain and shock. Today when I got my splints chosen with physio we discussed one of the purposes of the black splints being to deter these macho handshaking types! TTx


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