i keep getting pins and needles and numbness in my left hand mainly my little finger

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  • hiya this is really strange because i was just going on here to ask the same question and you have already done it lol, mine goes all the way down my left arm and then gets worse as it gets to my hand and my little finger, but its not there all the time x

  • The only thing I can suggest is that it could be to do with your upper spine. I had something similar at the beginning of the year although it was my thumb and forefinger that were affected. It turned out to be the vertebra at the top of my spine which needed to be loosened up a bit and were aggravating the nerve. I saw a physio who manipulated my back over about 3 weeks and it sorted it out.

    I'd go and see your GP and see if you can get referred to the physio.

    B x

  • Either that, or carpel tunnel, or you've started sleeping in a different position and are squashing your wrist overnight. I had tingly fingers for about a month, and just when I'd got to the point of booking an appointment with GP it went away! Have you tried doing hand exercises as soon as you wake up? Flap them around and touch each finger tip against your thumb a few times. Pollyx

  • Hi Polly, I have been having pins and needles in both hands(mainly 4th and 5th fingers) for the last 2 years. Had nerve conduction studies which excluded carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetic neuropathy. Incidentally my B12 levels were the lower level of normal. My new GP has started me on B12 injections. Waiting to see if they help .xx

  • Hi there, yes I have this and this morn described what you describe to my Rheum Nurse. It seems to coincide with pain in a specific area of my spine between my shoulder blades. The pain goes along back of neck and left shoulder stiffen up and feel the most painful, then a dull ache goes down my L arm, my wrist aches loads and constantly, then my little finger (5th) gets numb or tingly.

    Not much help I know but I assumed it was to do with the RA.


  • I think that Raynauds also causes tingling as well as the white fingers, but I thought only in areas and not across spine? And there are probably many other things too.....aren't bodies complicated things! Px

  • Hi before I was diagnosed in january this year,just after getting pain very rapidly from previous october I experienced pins and needles in my forearms every morning and my fingertips all the time,after 3mnths on tripple therapy it went away and i only get it now and again.hope that helps.x

  • Hi ,

    I have had this too it started about four years ago and I had tests and nerve conduction studies the specialist who did this told me it was a trapped nerve in my elbow. They explored it being problems from my neck but said the general rule is if it comes from neck it is normally thumb and forefinger that are affected. I have had two ulnar nerve release operations and now the problem is sorted. Hope this helps. Donna

  • I'm so happy to read that this is normal because this happens to me so often. Usually my left arm and my pinkie gets needs and pins. I use my computer ALL the time and did not know if this had something to do with it. Also I do have a lot of muscle ache between my shoulders.

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