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Hello all :-)

I am seeing my rheumatologist on Tuesday and I wanted to ask them about pain relief as I have naproxen at the moment but that doesn't start to even touch the pain in my shoulder hands and feet.

What other pain relief options are there? I want to go in with some suggestions about how to help myself and with a bit of knowledge.

Thanks!! :-)

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  • I find iboprofen better than naproxen. Naproxen did nothing for me. I also take co-codamol. There was a time (before diagnosis) when I tried tramadol (don't recommend) and at my worst oromorph. My knees were completely knackered and I was walking bone on bone! These days I just take co-codomol and iboprofen.

  • I'm on morphine patches and they are pretty good, once you start them you'll hooked and no easy way back. Lol good luck and I hope you get sorted soon, if they offer you crack or heroin say no ty. Or ask how much lol

  • Hiya Amy. Maybe a change in NSAID would be a thought initially, before hitting the pain killers I would think you'd be better with something for the inflammation causing the pain. My pain relief is for OA, basically because there are no specific meds like there is for RD, other than NSAIDS, steroid injections, pain relief & exercise. For OA I'm prescribed an NSAID, amitriptyline, Butec patch, co-codamol for breakthrough pain & recently I've given in to pregabalin.

    I hope your appointment goes well & your Rheumy understands your pain.

  • Steroid injection would be what I would ask for.

  • I suggest you talk to the doc about what is causing the pain as that makes a difference as to best treatment. If it's being caused by inflammation, then need to try different approaches to controlling it - different NSAIDs, steroid jab and so on. But if it's due to existing damage then you might do better with physio and exercise to build up strength around damaged joints, as well as orthotics and splints for hands/feet. Can also be due to muscle pain, and again you might find stretching exercises more effective than pain killers.

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