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advice on my diet?

I really want to loose weight, but have a few allergies and an underactive thyroid - I asked my GP to refer me to dietician, but I am told that I dont fit the necessary critiria to be helped. Is there any advice on what foods are good to loose weight and keep my metobolic rate good - I am allergic to chicken (all poultry), shell fish, tuna, and some veggies!

I just want to look after my joints, but feel so tired if I cut out carbs!!



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Thank you!

I was referred, but they aren't able to help! - Will think about your suggestions, and thank you for replying!


Hi, a diet was suggested on this site a while back, which is rather different to the usual eat less and exercise more.

As I have found in the past, if you eat less, your metabolism slows down, so all calorie cutting diets fail in the end.

I tried it and lost half a stone in 3 weeks without a great deal of effort.

I will look up the link and let you know. Might be worth a try.

It was a blessing for me as I can't do much exercise!


Here is the link to the diet

It is basically about giving up processed foods and refined carbohydrates, and just focussing on real food.

Good luck whatever you choose to do.


thanks Phoebe i am going to go for this one, it looks interesting.


hiya .. you should try the gluten free diet .... 100% sure you will loose weight but also you have to do a light exercise ... invest in a nintendo wii if possible you can programme your own fitness for each day

good luck debs x



My husband had a gluten free diet, so I try to eat things that are gluten free - I prefer the pasta, and dont really eat bread and biscuits - but I do go on my WII - when I can!!!

Thanks x


Hi Pen, I have an underactive thyroid too and have suffered with a weight problem most of my adult life. I've done the Cambridge diet, weight watchers, slimming world, chicken and cauliflower, nothing after 5pm etc etc etc, none of which worked. Now for the good news, since January I have managed to lose 63lb. My husband has lost 62 and my son has lost 30lb all following a calorie controlled diet. Now I've done calorie controlled in the past and found all the adding up a pain in the a*** but I found an excellent, totally free website which has been the best thing I've ever tried. I'm not sure if I can mention it on here but its called I stress there is no cost involved and it has a great community forum too. My calorie intake is set at 1200 a day and I earn extra calories whenever I exercise. Generally I eat approx 1500 cals a day. You can eat whatever you want and don't have to live without your carbs. I could go on and on because I know how much better I feel since losing weight and working on my fitness. If you would like any more information on this just send me a message. Best of luck

Paula x


Hi paula. I. I too am interested in losing weight. I would be grateful if you could forward me any details.. you have done well with your weight loss. Well food to all of you.. thank-you



Hi Pen - I've lost 3 and a half stone by giving up gluten and exercising on the Nintendo Wii Fit as Essexgirl has advised. I walk the dog and eat only non-processed foods and no refined sugar or caffeine - only occasional low fat dairy products but i get calcium from enriched soya milk and nuts in my gluten free cereal - lots of berries and fruit and sallad and veges. I am much happier for being on this diet although lately I've been feeling really poorly and am off my food but that doesn't seem to be diet related because until 4 weeks ago I was bouncing around despite RA - and that was for about 15 months. So I really do recommend quitting wheat at least and investing in a Nintendo Wii Fit. Tilda xx


Hi, when I'm not sat at home due to a flare up I'm actually a NHS Dietitian. From what you've said a Dietitian should be able to help you to put together a diet plan and some goals. It's really important to get the appropriate support and guidance when trying to lose weight to help you achieve your long term goals. I'd recommend persevering with the Dietitian route if you can. Best of luck x


Hi, I would suggest eating more fruits and vegetables. Stop eating all processed foods, limit your salt intake and deinately stay away from processed sugar. I am currently on a no sweets diet to see if it helped with my RA symptoms. I can definately say it is working, I have minor stiffness and pain now, my energy level is alot better too. Try to get some exercise in everyday, try to keep moving, your joints will thank you.Oh I forgot to mention, I have lost 2 lbs since not eating any sweets. Good luck and I hope you find a diet that works for you


Thank you all of you!

I have been eating mainly cabbage and leeks, courgettes, mushrooms, a little onion, brocolli, fine green beans - I have cut out potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, cakes, don't really eat sweets - only eat a little white chocolate on a rare occasion and eat trimmed organic meat! Am allergic to chicken which is a pain - oh and I love pastichio nuts!!!! Friuts I eat at breakfast and as a snack. I dont drink alcohol or fruit juice (cause mouth ulcers) and I dont drink fizzy drinks!

I will try ideas suggested - and let you know how I get on!!

Thank you x Pen


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