Ingrowing eyelashes

Hi everyone long time no blog. I have been suffering with my right eye for months and months. Whilst my Mum was ill I neglected my own health but did visit the doctor twice with the issue of my eye seeming so dry and itchy one minute and then running the next. Anyway I went for a eye test yesterday at Specsavers and told the optician about my problems with my eyes. She knew about my RA and was familiar with eye problems associated with it. However when she looked into my right eye she found that I had two ingrown eyelashes which she removed with some very long tweezers. OMG what a relief my eye feels so much better now. I had never heard of ingrowing eyelashes so thought I would pass it on in case anyone else is suffering. The optician said they will probably grow back and if they do just to pop in and have then removed. I wonder if she is any good at fat removal lol.

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  • I have ingrowing eyelashes in my own eye which I have to remove with tweezers. hadnt of thought if asking an optician! x

  • Hi summer well i didnt know I had them and thats why the optician did it for me.Anyway I might have gouged my own eye out lol.

  • Did it hurt? Glad your eyes are better

  • Hi Cathie no it was quick and surprisingly painless.

  • The relief must be immense. Anything in your eye is very painful. Glad you have now had it corrected.

  • Hi Sheila yes eye feels so much better.

  • Hi Sharon that must have been so annoying, I like you have dry eye syndrome and thats bad enough, I'm glad you've got it sorted.

    It's also nice to see you back, you've had a rough time, come on and tell us what your up to.


  • Hi Tricia yes dry eyes is so annoying. I havent blogged for a while not felt very much like writing. I do read everyones bloggs though. I have been keeping busy as that stops me thinking about Mum too much. Have been dating and sorting out my house and garden. My youngest daughter is now installed in the bedroom that used to be Mums and has got it all trendy with wallpaper and lovelly curtains etc. The room feels happy again if you know what I mean. Thankyou so much for asking what I have been upto.

  • Happy you are doing well Sharon xx

  • Thankyou Summer.

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