Tired and sore eyes

Recently i have noticed my eyes are constantly watering or the other extreme they are very dry and sore and i find myself rubbing them constantly, I went for my eye test and was told this is normal with RA has anyone had the same problem and do i have to just grin and bare i have been given eye drops by the optician but not sure if this will work.

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  • Hi Phil,

    Dry eye is common with RA but I would ask my GP to refer me to an ophthalmologist who will take a closer look and rule out other causes for your discomfort. In the meantime use the drops to keep them moist is my advice.

    All the best


  • Thanks Ali i started using them yesterday and they do feel a little better this morning, I have to say i only discovered this site recently and its great to talk to people with similar conditions and easy to relate to. Thanks again

  • It is very common, my eyes get very dry and also very sensitive to light. As well as using eye drops (I find Hycosan the most effective for daytime) I also soak my eyes. The optician told me that along with the dry eyes I also had microscopic build up of ? (Something crystalline, but I forget what) along the bottom eyelashes, which was also very common. And that was not helping as it irritated the surface of the eye, so for example they would water on windy days. Anyway since then I've been spending a couple of minutes a day with a hot damp flannel on my eyes, and it is helping.

  • Yes i was given Hycosan on wednesday following my routine eye test and it really seems to be helping along with soaking with a warm damp flannel, Cheers

  • I have severe dry eye. I also have yo have lubticating drops. You need to try many to find one that suits. Apparently my dr said its part of RA

  • I was told by consultant that Hydroxychloroquine can damage your eyes and following my routine eye test the other day the optician said i have minor scarring on my left eye but shes not sure if it is caused by my medication and suggested annual eye tests rather than 2 yrly

  • Yes I have been told to have annual eye tests. I had abrasion to the eyes caused by dry eye had to have temporary contact lenses to protect the front of the eye best eyed drops are hycosan but expensive and can't get on prescription

  • Hi Phil the eye drops that I get on prescription are Hylo forte they are just the same as hycosan. Very good. Sorry took time to get back to you with name

  • My eyes have been dry for many years, even before my RA was diagnosed. Q10 200mg (there is scientific evidence on its efficasy!) per day helped a lot but the best help has been LDN. Since I started taking it I only need to put drops in the morning and creame for the night. Hope this can be of help:)

  • Dry eyes are quite common. Glad you had them checked out though as inflammatory eye problems are also quite common with autoimmune disorders and those really do need treating early. Eye drops really are the only thing you can do with dry eyes. My optician told me that I needed to use them very regularly, so that my eyes never actually got to the point of feeling dry and irritated. He was right - if I do remember to use them regularly it does stop it getting to the dry point. If you don't get on with the drops you have been given though, ask the pharmacist to recommend a different one - there are loads of different sorts of hydrating drops (some with preservative, some without; some quite watery, and others thicker and more gel like, etc)

  • Yes i was told the same she gave me Hycosan which seems to be helping a lot

  • I use baby shampoo to clean my eyelids which otherwise get quite crusty. As well as the lacrilube and the drops for dry eyes.

  • A cotton wool pad soaked with witch hazel is nice and soothing for sore eyes...a good excuse to sit back and take a rest while your eyelids gets some tlc. I had to give up wearing my contact lenses because my eyes got so dry when I started medication. I'd worn them for 40 years and I hated having to go back to glasses but the witch hazel trick always worked for me back then.

  • Never thought of that might give it a try,Cheers

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