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i have a pigmented lesion on my right cheek of my face just under my eye i have had it for some time i was at the hospital a week ago they said i had a melanoma then i went back they wanted to operate the next day local anisthetic i refused as it is very close to my eye and i was told i would have to keep my head totally still while the froze the aria i was told there would be a lot of blood they would remove the melanoma and put stitches in my face .i refused i said i wanted general anisthetic i have had a letter to day to say i have a pigmented lesion on my right cheek close to my eye i am told i will have to wait longer to have it removed and there is a greater risk to my life having the general anaesthitic so very worried i have to have a pre op on the first of february have any of you had this please if so how did it go they said they would have to send it to the lab to see if its malignant .

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  • I've not had these lesions, but my husband has had possible melanomas.. He had one close to his eye and it was frozen & removed last October, looked dreadful for about 6 weeks but has now healed without a scar. There is always a small risk with general anaesthetics so he preferred to do it without. Said it was uncomfortable but not unbearable, and didn't take long. It wasn't malignant.

  • hi thank you for responding its just a have a phobia of needles and i also have a problem with acute anxiety and tritches ,to the right side of my face .

  • You have to have injections with a general anaesthetic too, and sometimes a canula put in the back of your hand, so not that much different.

    It's all over very quickly, so if you asked for sedation as well as the the local you might find it easier than all the hoo-ha of a general.

  • hi i also have fibromyalgia and 14 other medical conditions they always freeze the aria befor they put the needle in so i dont feel it i have had local before they gave me 2 lots but it did not work i was still awake so they gave me a general.

  • I can understand your worries especially if you are extra anxious but I've had quite a few skin cancers cut out, most of them with local anaesthetic and it's ok. One was right next to my eye . The pricks from the local are a bit uncomfortable but you know they're coming and I kept my eyes closed.

    There was It looked a bit gruesome for a few weeks but afterwards you would hardly know I'd had anything done.

    I think you should trust your doctors as it sounds as if it really needs to come out quickly. Best wishes. It'll be fine.

  • I had a malignant melanoma many years ago, although it was on my leg. Had local anaesthetic with no problem. A very good friend has had two, one each side of her face. She had those removed and wise excision areas by a plastic surgeon so there is little scarring to be seen now. Clemmie

  • hi did your friend have local or general anasthetic please .

  • She had it all done under local anaesthetic.

  • i had a spot on my face that had to be removed it was on the side of my nose,the surgeon that removed it explained everything fully.That was last march ,i was so scared it was on my mind all the time i hardly slept with worry.[i wish they offered me the chance to have it removed there and then in stead of waiting ] the thought of it on my face ,i just wanted it off.i even asked my g.p. about going private . in the end i had it done on the n.h.s.the surgeon and nurse s were all lovely.i can honestly say i hardly felt a thing only the first injection ,and that wasn't much he told me to keep my eyes closed .honestly don't worry.

    just think what is the alternative? .looks a bit of a mess at first i had eight stitches but its amazing how your skin heals.after stitches were out they tell you to moisturise,i used bio oil every morn and night.i still have a scar on my face but you can hardly see it.

    get it done soon as poss and don't worry. Miss Spain

  • hi missspain i have to have the preop tomorrow morning problem is they told me to go for local anesthetic but i have a needle phobia even if i close my eyes i panic plus when i am nervious i get a twitch spasm on my face so i went for general i would not be able to hold my head still as they said and problem is i dont know if its malignant or not i had 1 doctor who said it was nothing and a new young doctor said it was a bit dark but i have had this thing for years .

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