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my opp

they put my opp forward to 16 th july now was hopeing to try to get an elecrick bed before i have opp as at the mo i am sleeping on setee as it i easy er to sit up from but just cant get any help to et an elecrick bed we just not got the money to buy one my husband was made redundent 2 years ago so we on pention credit any way just wanted to say thank you everyone that has sent me messages the help so much

(still never been so scared of anything so much as this opp but got no choice ) but again thankyou every one that send me messages

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Hi Lesley, it's usual to be scared before an op - most of us have been there so we know where you are at. As they've brought forward the date it's not going to be so long a wait.

Hopefully once the op is over and done with you will be able to manage better in your normal bed. I don't know anything about getting some help for you to get an electric bed but wonder if there are any organisations who could help. Have you spoken to Citizen's Advice Bureau, they may know of an organisation. Often there is help out there and we just dont know about it.

If you've been reading Sylvi's recent blog, she's had help with her broken down scooter from SAAFA - obviously somewhere along the line Sylvi has had family in the forces.

Sorry your husband was made redundant it's the worst time possible to try and find work. Hopefully things will start to improve for you both soon (your op date being brought forward may be the start of better times - fingers crossed for you).

Judi xxxxxxxxxx


Have you tried AGe Concern or the Red Cross? Recently they lent us all sorts of medical equipment for my father in law, and the district nurse Also arranged for Medi-equip to lend us a proper hospital bed with air mattress and everything. Good luck, Polly


I have a therapy bed is that same thing where you can ajust the bed height also it can vibrate to ease your pains. I am reg disabled and could not afford to 0pay for it all at once. I got it on credit so much a month( would not recommend it as it was £101.00 monthly. I got it as i was in so much pain. It does work but leaves a hole in your pockrt. Sometimes you see them for sale 2nd hand

I wish you well for your operation.

Look after yourself.


Hi Lesley, I have just been reading your posts about your neck fusion. I had this done 2 years ago as I had a disc that was pushing on my spinal cord, I was also told there was a chance I would become paralysed from the op and that if I didn't have it done I would eventually be paralysed, so like you I didn't have a choice.

He couldn't do what he planned to do as my neck was so short and there was not the space so he had to put a wire cage round it instead of the plate which made the rehab longer as I had to wear a big old collar for 3 months as opposed to 2 weeks! But I have to say after the op it was instant pain relief and I realised just how much pain I had been in. I have lost a bit of movement, but have adapted around that. As worrying as it is now you will fee s much better after.

As for the electric bed, I to have had help from ssaffa as my grandad was in the armed forces. Also if you have to buy things for medical purposes you can get them VAT free. I don't know your circumstances but there is an Independant living fund for benefit claimants. Other than that as said above try Citizens Advise they have lists of charities and organisations that may help.

Take Care, Mel x


A cheaper alternative to an electric bed is a 'mattress elevator' - mine was supplied by Independent Living - I think they are around £500 to buy, still alot of money but cheaper than the whole bed. Mine is excellent - the next best thing!


thank you all for your help trying to get an elecrick bed i think i will just give up on that one but thank you all for your helpfull comments on my opp it only 9 days now was hopeing hubby would take me playses nothing that cost money just a walk in the park at normanby hall just us (and the dog ) just so i dont sit thinking about the opp but he wont, untill today i had not even been to the shops but wow i went to sainsbury s today that prob last time i will go out now till next friday lol he just likes to watch t v all day so i try to get up early so i can get house work done before jerramy kyle starts cos he wont move till it fineshes but it seems to take so long to do things i have to sit down do a bit and sit down again lol


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