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I have at last got my tribunal hearing for my dla it is tomorrow and im a bit nervous but wanting to get it over with as i have been appealing now for nearly a year i did have an hearing which should have taken place in march but this was cancelled due to insufficient medical evidence,last month i was visited at home by a gp regarding my case i felt like i was on trial with all the questioning but its all evidence towards the appeal.i have also managed with help from my consultant to get changed from the work related group into the support group for the esa which ended for me in april im also in the process of my contract at work being terminated due to ill health ive had to go for a full medical to enable them to do this,i think my employers thought i was just going to put my notice in but ive been in their employment since i was 17 and im now 42 so im not prepared to walk away quite so easily theyve not treated me well since ive been off of work my manager even told me that if i put my notice in to finish at the end of march they would put me all my holiday entitlement in i told them where to go theyre just waiting now for their report ive already got mine so i know what to expect.It has been a stressfull few months for both myself and my husband but im a great believer in fighting your side i didnt ask for this disease which is still active i take each day as it comes as not everyone is the same but it has been abit warmer and im getting out in the garden more and enjoying it but it does tire me after a bit even if ive done nothing.Hopefully il be able to report some good news soon but if anyone else is in the same boat id advise you to keep fighting for what your entitled to

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Hope it alls goes well for you tomorrow. xx


ive got everything crossed ive been fighting long enough for it im hoping it will go my way but one never knows.hoping your enjoying your well deserved holiday and the weathers holding up for you


The weather is brightening up now,it has been very wet overnight. Not sure what we will do today yet. Make sure they see you at your worst tomorrow. I think you'll get it. xxx


Fingers crossed, I hope all goes well for you at the tribunal.


I wish you well and hopefully a great success with your DLA. I only applied the once and got accepted first time. It's been a godsend to me and I only wish the scrounges and fake applicants out there do get found out so that the genuine and people whose lives are in constant pain can get this without the beurocracy that goes with it.

Much love




I wonder if location makes a difference to being accepted onto DLA? You are the first person I have heard of to receive it on first application.

My friends and family want me to apply for it but I have heard so often how difficult it is to be accepted that I keep putting it off - even having a blue badge would be nice so I can get into town to buy the specialist shoes or new loose clothes so I can dress myself, or to have a disabled space outside my house so I can bring food shopping in would help.

Life is hard enough, but living in constant pain (and/or nausea from MTX) then having all these extra hurdles to knock down just wears us down.

I wish you all the best Mildy with your appeal - please let us know how you get on.



Hi. I don't think location has a bearing as I've heard of others in the area being turned down. I had a medical assessment at my council offices to get verified and granted. It is what words you use on the form that makes the difference. I used the guidance sent by NRAS to help me use the right words. I also contacted my local CAB and had some guidance from them. Even if you get turned down first time, you can appeal and lots of people are successful on appeal. The DLA gives you a blue badge but not the parking bay. I've found that you have to keep researching on the web as to what you are entitled to. The .gov websites are probably the best ones to look at. I used my free bus pass today for the first time and even that has made the difference to me. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with regarding the application.

Angie xx


Well done to you. We shouldn't have to fight but like you I too wouldn't walk away. Employers seem to have little or no understanding of the pain suffered by this disease. Keep fighting and good luck. Carole


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