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Has anyone out there tried Pacer Poles?

I've heard that these are really good because they keep the body upright and wrists in a good position. As they are not cheap I wonder whether anyone else can give me a review before I invest in a pair. xx

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Hello BOB here

Regards above I have heard that they exercise additional muscles and joints when walking so they give a better workout than sticks alone, even walking, When adjusted correctly they also improve your posture so that removes additional stress on the spine.

With regards to this bit of kit, they are light weight as well, although if you go shopping I suppose you loose the use of both hands

All the best



Hi, I've been considering these for when all my foot surgery is completed. I believe that I first heard about them in NRAS magazine? or an ARC publication? I walk my dogs off-lead in the countryside or on the beach so using 2 poles would be better for my balance and given that my hands/elbows and shoulders are being problematic I'm interested in how the Pacer Poles keep everything in the correct alignment. Given that the designer is a physiotherapist using bio-mechanics for good posture and alignment I thought that I might e -mail her to find out which poles she would recommend - there are contact details on the website. I would also be interested to know if anyone else with RA is using them:-}

Cece x


I use the normal walking poles, pacer poles are ergonomic and quite carefully thought through. I'm not sure if they're worth the extra but they have a website and it all looks very technical. Contacting a physio is a good idea. But I understand that the correct length is important and you can adjust this with most poles.

And you can loop the handles round your wrist - and have a small backpack if shopping.


Go to an good outdoors shop (the kind that knows how to fit things like backpacks, hiking boots, and other equipment to your body) and get them to show you how to make sure they are the right height for you . Also ask them to show you how to use them properly. Try out all the different types of hand grips just to make sure that you get the one that suits you best. You don't have to buy right away - just say you are thinking about it. Then ask around your friends to see if anyone has a pair they could lend you for a few days. Adjust them to the same height you were shown in the shop, and try them. You should then get some idea about whether its worth investing in them. Once you know how to adjust them properly and how to walk with them, then you could see if you could get them secondhand from somewhere if the new price is going to be too much. You may also find when you investigate other options from an outdoor activities shop that there are other brands than Pacer poles that suit you better, and are cheaper. There are loads of different brands of them, as they are popular for walkers, people with ataxia, people with MS, etc as well.

You do lose your hands for carrying and holding things, but if you are OK with carrying a small backpack, then thats a substitute for a bag.


i use them, they're brilliant. I used ordinary poles before but the pacer poles are much better and easier to hold.



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