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Feeling more positive

Hi everyone,

I've am staying with my sister for 10 days and meeting up with other brothers, sisters, and extended family for parties etc.

I have to say that I have found it to be a fantastic boost and well worth the tears and the pain it took for me to get up here.

It makes such a difference to feel loved and cared for and has given me the strength to want to fight the depression which has been overwhelming me for the past few months.

My family are all desperate for me to lose weight- particularly since my cholesterol levels went so sky high - as there is a family history of heart conditions. Funnily enough they are more able to identify with that than they are with the RA, OA and now, possibly, fibromyalgia even though it is the last 3 conditions which have had the greatest impact on my life and well-being. Perhaps is it simply that they feel more helpless to know what to do about the rheumatoid aspect but can advise and encourage me in getting my weight and cholesterol levels down. This will also help my poor old joints as well though.

So - I've trawled through the High Streets searching for a swimming costume suitable for the 'larger lady'. M & S seemed promising initially as the swimwear there have those support panels which I rather optimistically (and mistakenly) imagined would give me a flat stomach. Crickey!!!!! I don't recommend these to anyone who has arthritic fingers. I felt like an extra large sausage and was exhaused by the time I got the blinking thing on. Honestly - as bad or worse than trying to get those support tights on.

I've settled for a niffty little black number with a cerise cross band on it from BonMarche and can't wait to join the local leisure centre when I get back for gentle work-out and swim with my new best friend Andy (the GP referral trainer).

Wish me luck everyone! I'm going to try and regain control.

Judy x

ps. I'm ignoring the fact that my daughter, who's Northern Inuit dog I board while she is looking for suitable accommodation, has emailed me to say that a neighbours dog has just had 11 puppies and that she really wants one.

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Judy i'm pleased that you got safely,theres nothing like family when you need support. I hope you have a lovely time and keep us informed on what you get up to while your


you lucky thing Judy i love having big meetups like that. Glad you are feeling a bit better and more on top of things and like the sound of your new swim wear. Funny enough my family kept going on about my diet and lack of exercise and seemed to ignore the ra - i was angry at the time but in retrospect i think it was the only thing that they felt comfortable in giving advice on and it was a clumsy attempt of being supportive. I am well over it now.

I would ignore the puppy talk as well. We have one at the minute and honestly............


Good luck Judy,

It's always fun when family can get together, we try once a year.

Hope the swimming goes well, stay positive.

Mary x


Pleased you made it and good luck with that swimming xx


Thanks Guys,

I think I posted somewhere else that at one stage I had enough wine to believe that I could do star-jumps with the kids but unfortunately not enough to make it possible - luckily I didn't manage to leave the ground so no damage was done to my joints haha.

Mads - my daughter's dog is still only 8 months old, although the size of a small pony, so the thought of another puppy is simply tooooo much. (Bubs will know about this - I think she is in the same situation.

My daughter lives with her boyfriend in his parent's house and comes over daily to walk her but the rest is down to me, except when I go away and they move into my house. I can see me doing lots and lots of visiting until the housing situation is resolved.



"Nifty little black number" lol ... forget the RA, worry about your cozzie, put a smile on my face :)


Haha Pete - That's the advantage of these sites. You don't ever get to see the real thing.


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