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I received a letter March 20th with this heading from the NHS.At first I was totally disoriented by it because I thought we were over the worst of Covid, I mean everyone is walking carefree, not wearing masks, there are no reports on the News about it so why did I get this letter?

This letter informs me that my medical records show I might be suitable for treatments should I get Coronavirus. That I should keep lateral flow tests at home & in 2 weeks time I will receive them via post.

It went onto to tell me that shop bought or pharmacies flow tests would not be registered by GOV.UK. The letter then said the health experts have looked at health conditions that put people at more risk of getting Coronavirus. It went onto say your records show you have one or more of these health conditions which means that treatments might be suitable for me should I get symptoms of Coronavirus.

This letter was signed by a Professor Sir Stephen Powis, National Medical Director, NHS England.

My family were in disbelief, having very strong opinions, they think we are being targeted and to proceed with caution because of all that has been said about these vaccinations. I might add all 3 of my daughter's are in the health profession. One a fully qualified midwife, a mental health nurse and a Care Manager at a care home.

I have to say after reading this letter, I couldn't help but feel suspiscious.

What are your thought's?

Thank you for reading🙂

72 Replies
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You're not alone receiving same email or letter. Suspicious about what exactly? I feel reassured that I can have antiviral drugs. As we know covid isn't going away and we are blessed to be vaccinated but it isn't 100% . It's peaking again in my area .

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MjRock in reply to Jackie1947

Hi Jackie 1947

I suppose I've been watching too many YouTube videos by Dr John Campbell who has evidence the vaccinations cause Myocarditis and then watching how big Pharmaceutical companies are not being transparent. This was where my suspicions came from.

Then I wondered why now? However you've answered this by telling me it's on the rise again. So why then are nobody talking about it? I've not seen any news footage- have you?

I've always been taught - To believe nothing I hear and only half that I see. My Dad always told me this and throughout my life I've used it as my guide.

I am hoping that all my fears will dissipate once I am convinced all is revealed.

Thank you once again Jackie 1947

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Jackie1947 in reply to MjRock

It's not reported because we live with it and a way of life. I would advise to stop viewing these videos.Look to be careful and protect yourself.

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Vaccination does cause myocarditis, they tell you that at the Vaccination centre that it's a possible side effect.

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Possible with the nova vax ones in certain age groups under 40s but rare so they just use a different vaccine to protect your from dying from an illness we have no immunity at all to

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RAat13 in reply to allanah

I survived it

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allanah in reply to RAat13

I'm worried my sister won't sats are bad today

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Has she had it long, did she get bad straight away? I'll keep hope for her🤞🏻

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allanah in reply to RAat13

She went into hospital with another infection and has acquired it there, we are on day 4 now, getting steroids etc

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RAat13 in reply to allanah

That's how I got mine. Had a foot infection and tested positive for covid too

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AgedCrone in reply to MjRock

I just read it & it doesn’t seem much different from all the other “Beware” letters we have received. I binned it.

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allanah in reply to AgedCrone

I'm having mine

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allanah in reply to MjRock

Dr Campbell dud not say they cause myocarditis but there is a very very small number of people who developed it after vaccination. Almost not significant statistically .But the vaccines have saved billions of lives.I got this letter and felt very reassured I could get help quickly so I didn't die from covud.

This infection hasn't miraculously disappeared of course , it's just there is now some immunity in our communities to covid thanks to the scientists who produced the vaccines to give us immunity to this novel virus.

If your family are in health care I'm sure they appreciate the need for vaccines, we eradicated polio save millions of babies snd families the heartache of measles etc.

Covid is still there , people still dying in hospital, my sister is in hospital today with it and I'm grateful she is vaccinated.

I'm having my spring vaccine as the numbers are increasing again..

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Covid has not gone away. For most people it is a relatively mild illness. For others it can be a serious illness. Certain conditions might put you at higher risk of getting seriously ill. There are treatments that can reduce your chance of getting seriously ill. The NHS is offering those treatments to people deemed to be at higher risk, in order to reduce the number of people getting seriously ill from it. That's all it is. They don't have a crystal ball telling them exactly who will get ill, they're just using the best available evidence. I'm not sure what you imagine you are being targeted for but sometimes things are, boringly, exactly as they seem. It's up to you whether you take the treatments or not.

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MjRock in reply to rmros

Thank you for your response to my concerns. I have been bombarded with so much information on vaccinations via a Dr John Campbell on YouTube who has evidence the vaccinations cause Myocarditis. Also about big Pharmaceutical companies who are not being transparent which really does make me feel suspicious. However having said all this I do not want to catch Coronavirus, but maybe I already did because I had the worst flu ever over Christmas just gone and my Orphopeadic consultant believes I had Covid.

Maybe it's a new preventative for people like myself who has numerous health conditions? I have my gallbladder removed next Wednesday 29th March as it caused me to get Sepsis in May 2021. I was very ill due to it infecting my liver & kidney, and I also had a cardiac arrest.

Maybe I should stop listening or watching YouTube videos- yes?

Thank you once again your reply has brought me back to reality.🙂🦋

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oldtimer2 in reply to MjRock

Myocarditis happens with Covid 19 infection.

It can also occur rarely after vaccination with Covid19 vaccines.

You always have to weigh up the good effects against the bad effects.

2 days ago it was reported that there were 136,722 daily new cases of Covid19 in the UK. It hasn't gone away, but it is currently a milder disease for most people but can still be serious for people, like us, who have problems with our immune systems.

I am no longer avoiding social contact with other people, but I wear a mask to protect other people if I have an infection and would like other people to do the same. I will also have a booster dose of Covid 19 vaccination when offered to keep my immune system as prepared as it can be.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to MjRock

My husband had his gallbladder removed a few months ago with keyhole surgery - although I think it is actually three keyholes they make or they did for him - he went in at 7.00 am and I picked him up at 7.00pm. He made a very speedy recovery.

Thanks to our (then) useless doctors he had ended up spending ten days in hospital on an IV drip - he had an infected pancreas, liver and gall bladder, the ‘S’ word wasn’t mentioned but when the hospital saw the blood test results he was invited in for the antibiotics and I’m pretty sure that was the reason for the panic. He was very, very ill - he looked awful. He was discharged after the ten days, put on a list for the operation and told that if it flared up again to get straight to A&E. Fortunately he was fine although it turned out it was still inflamed when they took it out and took longer than expected.

So good luck on the 29th. You’ll feel much better hen it has gone.

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MjRock in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Thank you so much for your reply, I do hope your husband is now over the worst of his stay in hospital. It does sound like it could have been Sepsis. When I had it in May 2021 I was very poorly with it,. My 3 daughter's were told I had a 50/50 chance of pulling through & that really upset them. I was in intensive care for 8 days & then I went into the big ward where I stayed 6 daysI was supposed to have my gallbladder removed 6 weeks after I was discharged from hospital, it's been 22 months now & I have been through so much pain but I have also other health conditions that my Consultant believes are challenging my body. He now thinks he should see me in clinic next week instead if removing my gallbladder. My op on the 29th March has been cancelled as of today with their advise - that should my pain get to an 8 or 9 out of 10 then I am to ring 999 for an ambulance.

Getting this news today has really upset me, but as my Dad would say these things are there to challenge us.

I remain hopeful & I wish you and your husband lots of best wishes🦋

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to MjRock

Thank you - you have had a truely dreadful time. Your poor family being told that! Thank goodness you pulled through.

Sounds like you are living under the same conditions as my husband, go to A&E if things get really bad. Might be faster to get yourself there in a taxi these days, it’s really not what you want to happen though is it.

It took 18 months for his operation to finally happen so you’ve been longer than him and once it settled he wasn’t in pain like you are, it was a long time but he stuck to a gall bladder friendly diet and didn’t have any problem. By the time the op came round he actually felt so well that he wondered if he really needed surgery however, apparently the gall bladder took longer than expected to get it our because it was still inflamed - guess he was lucky it didn’t cause him more problems.

It’s a bit off that he has decided not to operate though, I can imagine how disappointed you are. Husband’s hip replacement was cancelled three times all at the very last minute and it’s a horrible feeling.

I wish you the very best of luck - hopefully when you see your surgeon next week he will decide to operate sooner rather than later.

PS - Don’t know if I said earlier but following the NHS email/text I received last week I got a pack of 7 covid tests through the post the other day so you might find they arrive at your house following on from your letter.

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MjRock in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Thank you for your kind wishes with my ongoing gallbladder problems.

Did your husband get referred to a nutritionist? I ask this because, I have since I last replied to you. Maybe under a nutritionist I will hopefully not have to suffer too much pain. My pain gets so bad at times where I am on the floor on all four's in tears.

The bad news was when I received a copy of a letter sent to my GP. It wasn't from my Colorectal Consultant, it was written by a 'Directorate ' I have never heard of a 'Directorate ' working within a hospital before. It said, and I quote "Because this lady is extremely unwell, I think it wise to allow her sufficient time to recuperate. At the present time I am removing this lady from the surgical waiting list and will offer a further appointment in due course as part of the active monitoring process. "

I can't begin to tell you how upset I was to get this letter. The reason in my opinion I feel so unwell is due to my gallbladder, heaven knows when my operation to remove my gallbladder will happen now?

I had to have an E.C.G. monitor attached to myself for a 24 hour period. The results came back, I have something called a Ventricular Ectopic spasm. My GP told me it was nothing to worry about, that it basically means my heart misses a beat every now and then.

The reason I had it done was due to me experiencing pain in my left breast with a fluttering feeling at the same time.

I was told by Amy who is a part of my Colorectal Consultants team I would be seeing my consultant in 2 weeks time, well I've heard nothing since receiving a copy of that letter sent to my GP.

I could understand it had I been examined but I haven't. I believe the reason I got Sepsis was because my GP misdiagnosed my pain. Without seeing me face to face she diagnosed the pain I was experiencing was due to my 2.5cm Hiatus Hernia. I kept ringing this particular GP for 5 years, then one day I turned yellow it was jaundice. I rang 111 and to my surprise they sent out an ambulance which came up my drive with sirens and blue lights! The ambulance men were adamant I got on a stretcher, I kept telling them I will walk to the ambulance with my crutches, they actually told me off! I asked if they could pass me my crutches & dressing gown to which they replied NO, that I wouldn't need them.

In retrospect I believe they could identify something seriously wrong with me. I was rushed to the hospital under sirens and blue lights and then I had a cardiac arrest! I didn't remember being in A&E, I woke up in I.C.U.

It's now been 23 months since getting Sepsis, I feel now, so let down by the system. My GP's surgery have far too many patient's, it's impossible to get an appointment there is a 6 week waiting period. Telephone consultations are also ridiculously impossible to get. I rang from 8am every morning for 5 weeks but all I got was the engaged tone!

My friend's and family all want me to go to A&E. In their word's they told me I will get a thorough M.O.T. I suppose I really need to do this as I am so worried about what could potentially be sinister symptoms going off in my body.

Your poor husband has certainly been through the mill. It must be incredulously paiful to have hip replacement surgery. Plus having to wait so long as well to have his gallbladder operation. I sincerely wish him all the very best and trust his health is much better now.

Oh my heavens I hadn't realised that I had written so much, I suppose it's like a therapeutic session when I off load like I have.

By the way I received 7 lateral flow tests, my 1st one was negative Yeah!

Sending you love and best wishes for a brighter healthier future for both you and your husband. Marie🦋

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to MjRock

No, my husband never saw a nutritionist. Once we knew what the problem was with him we got a few low fat - gall bladder cookery books and altered his diet. It was enough to keep him pain free until he finally had the operation.

Marie, I am absolutely shocked, I can hardly believe the treatment you are receiving- it is deplorable. To be honest I think you need to make a dated time line of everything that has happened / been said to you (or in your case not happened!) right from the very start - make copies of everything you have and what has been said etc , put it all in a folder and when you’ve done that contact your MP because someone has to do something for you very soon, you just can’t go on like that.

If you do that I would copy in PALS at the hospital you are dealing with at the same time. Hopefully that will get things moving. You are really not well.

We knew someone whose husband used to keep be8ng sent h9me when he couldn’t stand and it was the ambulance staff who were so shocked at what was going on that they intervened on his behalf so when you say ‘they could identify something serious wrong with you’ you are most likely quite right about that.

I agree with your friends and relatives, you really need to go to A&E. That was what my other half was told. They will have all your paperwork etc and hopefully the A&E people will get things sorted for you - or at least be able to give you a really good reason for why nothing is being done. Can you take someone with you to speak for you because it can be difficult to put your case to them when you feel like you do.

My husband is well now, you would never know he had been ill, thank goodness. The day I finally got in the car and drove to the surgery to knock on their door because they never answered their phones he honestly looked like a corpse! He doesn’t think it’s funny when I say ‘heck you looked like corpse’ but he did. Once the blood tests were done it was action stations but before that our GPS were useless, they had all sorts of suggestions as to what was wrong without ever having seen him. He was sort of yellow looking too although not the whites of his eyes which I thought should happen first - just a strange yellow-y tint to his skin.

I wish you a brighter healthier and pain free future too and hope it happens soon x

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allanah in reply to MjRock

You git the letter as your go has nominated you as " vulnerable " due to certain health conditions 9lor treatments. If you want to use the word targeted then yes they are targeting vulnerable groups. The groups are decided by the amount if people in that statistical group who if they get covid have a higher incidence of death. Thus over 65s ( interestingly covid is nor a big threat to healthy children)



Those on some drugs that l9wer your immune system

Heart conditions

Lung conditions

Liver conditions

Kidney disease

To name a few .

You have the kit there to test yourself if you think you have symptoms so you can get anti viral ( covud us a virus) tablets to make the disease less and last less long

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MjRock in reply to allanah

Thank you for explaining the letter I received. There is so much hype out there that it scrambles my head at times & receiving this letter just added to it.

I've had pyelonephritis which is a kidney disease maybe that along with me getting Sepsis in 2021 is enough for me to be put on the most vulnerable list?

Either way I really do appreciate your reply🙂

Thank you with kindest regards


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Dear MjRock,

I'm 'pretty sure' that this IS NOT A SCAM, I too have had to continue- with Both Shielding and regular Covid Tests. I order these 'On Line', there ARE a couple of 'hoops to go through', but the System DOES then Recognise me, The Test Packs usually Arrive promptly, within about a day (though 'allow' up to three).

I am aware that COVID is NOT 'Talked' about, as much now..... The Press would, far rather, pursue Boris (Johnson) over whether he- in the Height Of The Pandemic- had a Glass Of Wine somewhere. Please note that I'm NOT, trying to be Political here- just pragmatic.

Anyway, to answer your question..... Yes, if you are- like me- in the Vulnerable Group- you DO need to continue Covid Testing.

I hope that this is of Some Help, to you, MjRock.


PS If you reply, to this 'Post' it might take me a While to respond. The Computer needs some, fairly Minor, attention.

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MjRock in reply to AndrewT

Dear Andrew T

Thank you so much for your clarification as to why I received this letter, wanting to providing me with treatment should I ever be infected with Coronavirus.

So far it has been really refreshing conversing with you and others on this site. I really think I've spent too long on YouTube.

From being a young girl my Dad instilled in me - To never believe in anything I hear and only believe in half that I see, it's guided me throughout life. This naturally makes me suspicious.

However conversing with you & others on this site has brought me down to reality. Therefore I would like to thank you sincerely for your post which has given me clarity

Also, yes I agree with you about the News who are focusing on all the hype around Boris Johnson when in fact there are more serious topics e.g. Coronavirus .

Kind regards


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Mall in reply to MjRock

Given your Dads advice why are you so ready to believe something you watch on utube. I would rather put my trust in the Drs who know me and my health conditions than a social media site whose only role is to make money based on the number of people watching videos. Videos that hook you in by stimulating you with shock horror stories so that you watch more and more of the same. Think about your Dads advice and about who is manipulating you and your thoughts.

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MjRock in reply to Mall

Dear Mall

Why did I watch and listen to Dr John Campbell on YouTube?

Well if I am honest it was because I was intrigued by his knowledge and before long I had been sucked in! He literally had shown evidence of Myocarditis from reports he acquired plus how big Pharmaceutical companies were not being transparent. With all the documents he requested under the Freedom of Information act were all redacted.

I was and still am very unwell due to my gallbladder which incidentally was the perpetrator of me getting Sepsis 22 months ago. Maybe being unwell altered my judgement?

In any case I have decided to await the lateral flow tests in the post & test myself.

I want to thank you most sincerely for your reply which uplifted me🙂

With kindest regards Marie🦋

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Mall in reply to MjRock

Dear Marie, all these things have an element of truth hence they can easily draw us in. The NHS do warn us of the possibility of side effects with vaccinations but I do believe the result of having covid when immune suppressed can be far worse. Your dad was right about being sceptical of everyone including Those posting on social media sites. The daftest one I got sucked into was to do with jet streams lol. Nowadays I avoid social media and “influencers “ as much as possible but it is difficult. I sincerely hope your health improves


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Fruitandnutcase in reply to AndrewT

I would never say I was CEV - I have mild and well controlled asthma. I didn’t think my test was a scam either. I was surprised to get it though.

I still test fairly regularly too and I go out and about - mostly for walks in the fresh air - we tend to avoid crowded places

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Hi im sure its just procedures It is upto your self to test or not to test and same wirh treatments etc

You are right it is carefree out there virtually

If you have any concerns about out and about

Id be wary of


And get deliveries


Protocol now is

For workers

To goto work with covid

Yes go to work with covid

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MjRock in reply to Ajay575

Hi Ajay575

WOW! That is shocking that supermarkets are telling their staff to work even if they've got Covid!😲

When you stand back and look at the bigger picture, there is something seriously wrong with our world!

Lack of transparency, corruption, lies, deceit, narcissistic ego's running the countries in our world!

Then there is me, you,us, the people who are the little cogs, in the huge wheel, doing exactly what our leader's tell us to do. We are living in very insecure times, especially with that narcissistic psychopath Putin at the helm.

Look at me I am turning all this into a political agenda - this wasn't intentional Ajay575 it's just me expressing how I feel about the world we live in.

I suppose I am naturally suspicious, I obviously spoke to my friends who have similar health concerns to mine and it nade me wonder why haven't they received s letter like me?

I will do my research into it and when I feel 100% happy I will then cooperate with it.

Thank you once again Ajay 575

Kind regards


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I got that text the other day too. Covid is definitely still around - my Pilates teacher said she had had two clients cancel because they had covid so it’s around all right.

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They seem to be sending these out to people again now who are still clinically extremely vulnerable. I know some people have received them recently so it’s probably a reminder of what to do if you test positive or develop symptoms. It sounds like you’ve had numerous health issues and you have the offer of accessing antivirals which you don’t have to. Covid is still around i recently had it for the second time after my extremely vulnerable child brought it home from school. As for the myocarditis thing.. I have seen lots of studies and statistics that show it is much more common to get myocarditis from having covid than from the vaccines. I believe it is also known to be a possible side effect or after effect from lots of viruses.

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Thank you for your post. I received 7 nose only lateral flow tests yesterday. On Benepali.No letter. However overnight I felt shivery , sore throat, dry cough. I have not had COVID before but am vaccinated.Tested using a previous pack with a good use by date, nose and throat and it came back positive. Tried the new one to confirm, nose only pack, it came back negative. Will try another nose only later. It means we can have antivirals but not sure if we are given them or we need to wait and see . I think we need to contact 119 not our practice. Again this is unclear. The letter is genuine. Hope you stay COVID free. It is hard with conflicting results to know the next step.

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Blueskysunshine in reply to AnnieJ123

sorry you’re feeling poorly Annie. I tested positive for covid yesterday and slept for 28 hours out of 31. Did another test today with the nhs recognised tests and reported it online as per page 2 of the letter.

Hope you feel better soon.

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AnnieJ123 in reply to Blueskysunshine

Thank you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Blueskysunshine profile image
Blueskysunshine in reply to AnnieJ123

Thank you - I’ve just had a call from the local hospital about anti viral meds. They are being shipped by courier this afternoon. That was quick!

AnnieJ123 profile image
AnnieJ123 in reply to Blueskysunshine

Well done you. I tested positive reported to 119 and am expecting a call in 24 hrs or I need to contact my GP. Good luck.

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MjRock in reply to AnnieJ123

Hi Dear Annie,

I was sorry to read about your recent illness I trust you are now on the mend?🙂

Yes, I agree there is a lot of conflicting results and too much controversy around what the treatments for Covid are. Since coming on this lovely website I feel so uplifted by the kindness invthe replies I have received, your's included.

I am now awaiting my lateral flow tests to arrive in the post and will proceed accordingly.

Thank you so kindly for replying to my post, stay healthy & safe always🙂

With my kindest regards and best wishes Marie🦋

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Hello MjRock

Many of us had such information you mention long ago, but others, like yourself, have been added recently to the vulnerable list due to your underlying health conditions or perhaps because the medication you now take renders you more vulnerable than before. It's certainly not a scam at all and you should take it seriously. Take a look at the Green Book Chapter 14a especially the Tables 3 and 4 which list those patient groups that are now considered vulnerable. Those of us that are immune suppressed due to conditions or treatments or on immunomodulating therapy (such as many of the biologics for RA) are considered vulnerable.

Here's a link to it: assets.publishing.service.g...

Covid-19 has definitely not gone away, despite the governments best intentions to pretend it has and the apparent "gagging" of the main stream media to not report what is actually happening. The World Health Organisation considers we are still in a pandemic! The ZOE health app reports today that they estimate on the UK there are 136,722 new cases today and that there are 1.5 million active cases; there's a definite uptick happening but most worrying is the persistently high level of cases, not the peaks and troughs!

For access to the best information from highly qualified medics and scientists I recommend you look on Twitter regularly. There you will see that some of John Campbell's recent posts have been discredited by highly ranked scientists and, for example, the the Cochrane review about mask ineffectiveness has also been shown to be incorrect. As others have mentioned above, the risks of developing myocarditis are shown to be significantly higher in the unvaxxed who get covid, than from having the vaccination itself!

If you wish to know what is really happening I suggest you start following on Twitter the scientists and medics of Independent Sage, indie_SAGE, who also give a fortnightly presentation on YouTube on Fridays at 1.30pm. There is one this coming Friday, 24th March. It will include all the most up to date data on infection rates, hospitalisation, deaths, plus there is usually a presentation and a Q&A session. Take a look at their website too:

Sadly, many working in healthcare are not as well informed as they could be. Many of us who have been stuck at home shielding since March 2020 have made sure we access the most up to date scientific and unbiased information available to us in order to protect ourselves.

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helixhelix in reply to Lolabridge

i’ll take independant sage over John Campbell anytime!

Lolabridge profile image
Lolabridge in reply to helixhelix

Yes me too! Thank goodness for Independent Sage. 👏🏻

I have seen reports that John Campbell may have made a lot of money from his presentations …

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Lolabridge

Hi Lola, Yes .. to all of that. I was not surprised to see daily new cases up to 137K and it increased by 40K in 6 days from late week. As you said it’s not being reported as to what is actually happening now re Covid anymore. (Inews tends to be more interested in reporting on Covid news online.) The WHO have not announced the virus has gone to endemic yet, although they say it is moving towards that and is in recovery. Still too much around. I think we have become very astute indeed when we’ve been shielding since the start and we read the credible sources of scientific and medical info. We know who the experts and genuine people are by now. Is everyone who was in CEV/high risk getting a repeat notification from the NHS re their eligibility for antivirals, etc. Or just those being acknowledged this time who were missed off before or have been newly diagnosed at a high level of immunosuppressant etc., since the last letters were sent out?

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Lolabridge in reply to Neonkittie17

I think only new letters are being sent out, but I may be wrong. When I switched to Tocilizumab I did check if I would still be eligible to get antivirals and was told yes.

Infection cases in U.K. are up again quite significantly I believe, especially among the teenagers and the most elderly. I will watch the Independent Sage briefing tomorrow on YouTube at 1:30 to get up to date information I know I can trust.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Lolabridge

Yes. I thought it was those newly/recently immunosuppressed and yes Tociliz and my own biologic are classed as immunosuppressive enough to be on the AVs list. My rheumy wrote last year to my GP to say so re Abat and did in her February update. The scientist/medic I tend to look at the most re Covid news is Professor Stephen Griffin, virologist from the University of Leeds as he’s local to me and he’s very credible and honest and speaks his mind too. He continues to support the immunosuppressed and he is a member of Independent Sage too. Also the excellent Lennard Lee from the Univ of Oxford, who we know via the Evushd FB.

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KittyJ in reply to Lolabridge

no Lola that’s not the case, I received all the shielding letters etc before and received the latest with the tests too 🤷🏻‍♀️

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We can’t have it both ways! For a long time a lot of the immune suppressed were complaining about being overlooked. So if now they are remembering us then that is good - not suspicious!

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I believe these letters have been arriving for some few weeks. I hadn't received one, although on retuximab, but like you received mine a few days ago, and am glad as it reassures me about antivirals. Just waiting for the tests to arrive.

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Lolabridge in reply to sunnyweek

The GP’s medical records have rarely shown the hospital prescribed meds like biologics, especially hospital administered infusions. Rituximab is one you need to insist is added to yours as it has the most immune suppressing effect of all the RA meds. Do check it has been!

Now the GPs are to take over responsibility for prescribing antivirals from CMDUs I think the consultants are making sure the GPs have all the necessary information to know which antiviral to offer a patient.

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Runrig01 in reply to Lolabridge

hi Lola can I ask where you heard or read that GPs are taking over the prescribing of antivirals?

Lolabridge profile image
Lolabridge in reply to Runrig01

Hi Maureengibson

I heard it direct from the Head of the Exeter CMDU in a recent webinar I attended. He said the plan was for it to happen from April 1st although he thought that it was unlikely they could make it happen by them. He was planning to continue to staff his unit until September, just in case. He is a Dr and Professor at the University of Exeter Medical School and advises the government on behalf of the BMA on Covid matters.

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Runrig01 in reply to Lolabridge

excellent news, should make it so much easier. I would imagine 111 Drs could also prescribe after accessing your records to confirm you’re immunosuppressed. Thanks for the info 👍🤗

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Lolabridge in reply to Runrig01

Yes that’s the idea, so worth checking your GPs records are correct!

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Runrig01 in reply to Lolabridge

my only complaint ncrrn is that at present due to my meds, I’m only eligible for the IV one, due to interactions with my many meds. I’m assuming if gps are taking over, that the IV option will be dropped. Meaning many of us, won’t have access to an antiviral 😢

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Lolabridge in reply to Runrig01

Yes, that is a worry for those of us that can't have Paxlovid, which is contraindicated with some other medications.

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My gp told me too and about the spring campaign being done by gps

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Runrig01 in reply to allanah

excellent, although probably means I’ll be chasing mine. My gp is scatterbrained 😂

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Ours are all leaving !!

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Did you get a letter previously Sunny or is this your first? As Lola said, those who receive infusions at hospital and via the hospital/rheumy prescription/meds company delivery need to check with the GP they are on the GP system to receive antiviral eligibility. Important to know you are coded correctly with your practice so it triggers your vaccination invites, etc. Hope you’re steady at the mo and feeling alright. 💗

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Sorry re my other post to you. I can see you hadn’t received a letter, but I’m glad you have now.

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sunnyweek in reply to Neonkittie17

Hi NK lovely to hear from you. It seems these new letters have been being received for some weeks according to this forum but I have only received mine this week. Glad I've got it as I was wondering why not as I did get the letters sent out during lockdown. So its reassuring to know we can access the antivirals.

I hope you are doing well on your new drug and your Ig's are improving, and you can garden 🌺🌻🦋 and paint.

I've had a bit of stress so flared a fair bit recently and as you know we don't want more damage to already damaged joints. I'm due my osteoporosis drug next week first time. Am doing ok though, thanks ❤️ xx

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Neonkittie17 in reply to sunnyweek

I hope all goes well for your osteoporosis drug. 🙏🏻 Hope no more flares. Abatacept doing well thank you but I had to pause it for almost a month for my last two boosters. Ig’s I’m not sure of at present as I need to get them retested. Will organise that next week. Still doing art and some lightweight things in/for the garden (sowing seeds indoors) .. just steady and nothing heavy as my immune issues mean I can get exhausted quickly. 🤨I’m glad you eventually got your antivirals letter. 💗 I hope this milder weather is helping your joints and you are flare free very soon. I hope the stressful things have gone or calmed down. xx

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Thanks Lola, I will check the GP has my hospital infusion on record. I had no idea the GP's are taking over responsibility for prescribing the antivirals.

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Just adding I received this same letter this week - am taking methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and I assumed they have just updated my records. Great that these systems are still in place and I feel reassured to know that I would be eligible for antivirals if I were to need them.

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Not a scam or anything dodgy.

They will be going through changes in patient records. My dad was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2021. He will now have access to anti virals. Things change, people get sick, medications change, risks change. Patient lists will be updated and checked.

May I gently suggest you swerve you tube for medical info.

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Lolabridge in reply to RachelD1972

It does depend what you watch on YouTube and I really do recommend the indie_sage presentation on there tomorrow at 13:30. The usual team of eminent scientists and any guest speakers provide trusted and accurate information. You can follow them on Twitter too as they post regularly commenting on new surveys/reports/scientific papers.

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I also had the letter followed by the flow tests, I was promised the same a year or so ago and nothing arrived!

We have to live with Covid, go with your gut, we are all individuals and react differently to both the disease and the vaccinations. I have listened to my body and have made my decision accordingly.

I’ve also listened to both sides including John Campbell. The only thing I find disturbing is the consistent refusal to let things be openly debated and the fact that those who want an open discussion are so censored. I had Covid a year ago.

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Hi, definitely don’t dismiss this letter. I got the email last Tuesday. Was surprised as also thought ‘Covid had gone away’.

Got a very bad headache on Wednesday. Was very ill by Friday but thought a cold. Did a test due to a rheumatologist appointment that day (!!). And was positive. Was in IV anti virals by mid Saturday. And thank heavens too. Was incredibly ill by Saturday night.

I honestly didn’t even see it coming and thought Covid no longer an issue.

I’m 90% better now and I know that’s due to the meds. And I’m multiple vacced and very careful.

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I got the letter and the tests a couple of weeks later. I agree with Lolabridge comments re follow medics on Twitter. My Royal Statistical society are looking at monitoring as the ONS infection survey is being paused in March. Outrageous. Without that we have no way to assess our risk and make decisions about our life style choices. Currently 1 in 40 are infected. So on a busy bus or train carriage the probability is at least 1 person with it and likely 2. Busy shops too. That’s why many of us are still shielding. The government are putting the economy before public health, but I feel it will not work out. The economy will not recover with so many people off sick or suffering from long covid. 2 million now apparently. I suspect they wrote to us all because there is a new variant now which is taking over, which may not be more serious but is extremely contagious. More than any before. If us vulnerable catch it, hospitalisations will increase and excess deaths, in younger people too. Have a life if you can, but just be aware 1 in 40!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Appletree12345

Hi Essexmelon, I’m not sure that everyone who received the letters before has got the ones recently/currently being sent. That’s why I asked Sunnyweek if she’d had one before and was trying to find out. From what I gather on here it seems to be people who were overlooked before for some reason. We shall see if people on here who received them before get the latest ones. I totally agree re the ONS data being withdrawn. 😑 I have always looked more to the ZOE data. The numbers are still high and regularly increasing there.

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I had same letter and since I have had the tests come through too, nothing suspicious at all in my mind x

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I've just seen your post so apologies for the late response.

I share your concerns about the side effects of the vaccines, having suffered from them myself and read about the large number of reported side effects. However this letter/email was received by all of us on immune suppressants and it refers to the antivirals on offer to treat covid. I haven't tried them myself, having been missed by the system last year when I had covid, but I have kept a careful eye on people's reports of their experiences on here and I think it looks like paxlovid only has a small number of manageable side effects which stop once the medicine is stopped. It also seems to be a successful treatment.

You don't need to feel targeted, although after all the nagging about the vaccines we got I can why it would feel that way. I was fortunate in that my GP receptionist responded politely to my request to be taken off the list and was successful in stopping the texts, but some people were sent a ridiculous number of messages.

Best Wishes


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