Went to the Lighting of the Jubilee Beacon fire in St Ives

on the Island, We could see Newquays fir and St Austell, Figured it would be a life time evennt so I really wanted to go, I had such a difficult time, going accross towne, and Up the hill, Ha a really good time, But I know for a FACT, I will Pay for it Big time tom, I already have Pain and swelling, I ache all over, So I am in bed with under blanket on, And not setting alarm, I am just exhausted, But really love the fact that for me was a Lifetime event, Love the old traditions, and lighting the beacons, for communication was a Fab Idea, The flame made it up to london from Lands end, in 1 hour and 15 mins, maybe some pics to follow, Hope everyone, Is coping the best they can and being able to enjoy some of the Jubilee Weekend

Lisa XX

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  • Hi lisa.

    I saw the Newquay one and another one beyond in the distance from the comfort of my caravan at Perranporth. It was lovely to see the bright light glowing for miles.

    Hope your pain isn't too bad when you get up. I'm sore today as went to Crealy's for my daughters to play and I had to walk up some of the hills as poor hubby couldn't push the wheelchair up. The rain started hammering down on the tin roof of the caravan around 11.20 last night and the hailstones and wind kept waking me up. I'm still in be hiding under the duvet as its cold and I'm too sore to move.

    Although your county is beautiful, the hills and weather changes must play havoc with your RA.

    Hugs and best wishes



  • Angie how do you get on in youe caravan

    Were thinking of buying some land near the sea on tge west coast f scotland but cant also afford to buikd a house just yet

    But holidays are a problem with ra arent they

  • Cathie, The caravan isn't mine - I've hired it for the week as I'm at Haven Holidays, Perranporth. I have a motorhome myself but I fancied being able to get around in the car and getting off the beaten track which I can't do in my van. The caravan is fine, only the steps getting in and out cause me difficulties. There are 3 steps to get in with only one handrail so I just hang on to someone going in or out. My motorhome has 2 steps but has handrails both sides so its easier. My mum lives in a Park Home in Whitstable, Kent- like a caravan but bigger and with a proper roof on. She's been there for 10 years and loves it. It just gets very hot in summer and chilly in winter but it has recently been thermal wrapped which has made a big difference and it has full central heating. My dad built ramps to get in an out which is fine. She has 3 collapsed discs in her back and RA. She won't let her health problems interfere with her life and battles on unless she is in severe pain which is getting more and more lately. I would buy a Park Home Cathie given the choice. A lot come already equipped and are great for an instant home. Just get it thermal wrapped for extra warmth and you won't find it too much of a problem. Holidays and RA don''t mix - your body forgets that it needs time out now and again. As it's my first proper holiday for some years now I am making the most of it. The weather is improving now as they predicted so just planning where to go now. Hubby did me breakfast in bed and sorted out my pills for me so I am making the effort to get up.



  • Thanks for this! We haven't too much money so we want to make the right decision

    Hope the weather cheers up for you, it's been nice here in Scotland xx

  • Hello Angie, Yes it was a Beautiful Site to see, and after ours was Lit I could see newquay and then St.Austell In the distance, Just as predicted, It began to drizzle, so Did not last lond on the hill, and Yes You are Right (AND I knew it last night) Today I would Pay for it, And I am, So resting Under the Duvet, and Taking it easy, It was worth seeing, as I in a lifetime event for me, As far as the weather, Yes, It definately plays Havoc on my joints and my muscles as well with my fibro, I can never get warm enough, but when I lived in the States in Michigan, It was worse, as the Cold would Get Soooo Cold, But I can always tell when the weather fronts and pressure are changing, i am Glad You got to see the Beacons Lit, it was really Fab, And the fire was so WARM :)

    Lisa ((HUGS))

  • Lisa it was so worth it for you to see the beacons,sorry your suffering so much today,but i would have done the same. I overdone it yesterday and i am paying for it today, you rest today my friend and i will be in cornwall shortly and we can have a good old natter. xxxx

  • Hello Sylvia, i got your text today, thanks for that and I have now saved the num in my phone so i can text you, I tried the one that was in the email but I could not send mess dont know why, But I have it right now, I hope you feel better soon, I know, dont you Just hate the fact, that no matter how much we try to rest, or take it easy, just saving up the energy to do something, Just is not enough, i can only last an hour or two, before I have to go home, cant have evenings out, and if I do wow, I sometimes sleep 12 hours, I did that the other day, You take care and I will see you soon,

    Lisa XX

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