New pain area, advice please

I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago after having swollen/stiff hands. It has now spread to my feet, toes, knees and the latest to my neck. I am now suffering badly with back pain, painkillers/anti inflamm are not doing much at the moment.

Is it likely this is another part of me being affected? I havent mentioned it to my nurse yet, thought I'd get some advice form here. I am frightened with this new pain.

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  • Hi Widget!

    I'm afraid that is the true nature of RA. Often it will start in a specific area sometimes moving onto other areas more slowly. Mine started in ankles and feet ... now it's everywhere!

    If you are only on pain killers and anti-inflammatories these will help only the symptoms of the disease and not slow its progress. You need to ask rheumatology for an early review of medication so that you can be put on something more suitable that will bring the disease under control. Clearly the disease is spreading throughout your body and needs attention fairly quickly.

    Phoning your nurse should be top of your agenda for tomorrow!

    Good luck Widget

    Lyn x

  • Hello Widget, I have RA in my knees it took me ages to find a combination of painkillers/ anti infams. Go back to the Dr and keep going back till you think it's right. Lots of different combinations later and I am on Tramadol and Naproxen and that works for me but find one that works for you. Its ok to be frightened but make sure you share your fears with people around you, on here or to your dr.

    Marnie :-)

  • Hi Guys

    Just to add for the benefit of you both really.

    The current NICE guidelines for the early treatment of RA recommend intensive DMARD (disease modifying drugs) therapy from the outset. Usually Methotrexate is used as the anchor drug and additional DMARDS added in if required until the disease is brought under control by reference to blood test results and patient's symptoms.

    Pain killers (do just that and nothing more!) and anti-inflammatories such as Naproxen (temporarily reduce the level of synovitis in the joints) DO NOT affect the progress of the RA disease. DMARD therapy is crucial in controlling and slowing the ongoing disease.

    Marnie, have you now come off your methotrexate?

    Lyn x

  • widget.. your geograqphically not far from me.. same joints with me discusss steroids with ra team or gp if not all ready taking. review meds.. are you taking any thing like methotrexate or sulphasalazine etc

  • I'm so sorry that you're suffering this way. As you've been advised, RA can have a pop at any joint (I view it as a silent assassin). As Lyn has suggested, make it your priority to ring nurse & GP; make a song & dance if you have to. Please don't wait until you can't bear pain, or symptoms are exacerbated. The longer you leave things, more damage can be done. Mine originated in my feet, then spread to my hands. I experience it in my jaw, and can't always eat properly. If you're starting to experience it in your feet now, it's time to act! You don't want to end up with collapsed arches, and having to put orthotics in your slippers just to go to the loo, believe me!

  • Thanks for all your replies. I have left a message with my nurse this morning so will let you know what she comes back with.

    I am currently on Methotrexate (8x2.5mg) and Sulphasalzine (4 daily). I was given Tramadol when my neck first started, but I am not comfortable taking these as they make me 'feel strange'

  • Glad you spoke to nurse let us know how you get on x

  • Hi all

    Nurse didnt leave a message for me, wanted another contact number for me which I cannot give this week. Hopefully will get some answers next week when I can speak with the nurse.

  • be careful !if tramadol makes you feel strange ?cut its use!! it can cause hallucinations in some people

  • diazepam surely more suitable?? got some for me from dr.. good for muscle spasm in neck xx

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