I'm trying to find an alternative to standing for long periods of time. Its the one thing that really sets off pains and things like that. When I go to art galleries, which I do a lot, I find its the most difficult thing, and I'm constantly looking for somewhere to sit down.

I remember my mother used to have terrible times standing at parties (she fancied herself as a bit of a socialite) and I couldnt understand why standing should be harder than moving about. But I find standing while doing the ironing easier than standing just doing nothing. Yesterday I had to make a special lunch as my daughter and her new bloke were coming to lunch and I was making a potato salad which involved scraping a whole load of new potatoes. I know I shouldhave bought a ready made one, but I wanted to do it myself. Anyway standing at the sink and scraping with my right hand was just what I didnt want to do. When her RA was at its worst my mother used to sit while doing most household chores, and I do try to do a lot of things while sitting at the kitchen table.

Any comments?

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Yep standing is a prob for me too. It's funny, it's like you say, if you are standing doing nothing, its worse? If I am standing talking to some, I always have to lean and I am continually shuffling my feet and moving around. I get back pain and obviously my knees and hips.

This is one of the main reasons, for giving up over at the hen house, because you are stood still for long periods of time, just picking up eggs and putting them in trays, and the longer I am doing the more impatient and grumpy I get because I am in pain... even taking painkillers. I am ok if I can stop and do something else for a while (as suggested by the OT) but then it takes me hours and hours to pick the eggs up because I am always stopping and doing other stuff!

OT told me she could get me a perching stool, but as I have to operate a foot pedal it really wasn't practical.

But defo, sit to do the vegs now. I put a bowl of water on the breakfast bar and sit to it, much better.

Julie xxx


Yes, I thought you were going to say that you had to stand over the hens to wait for them to lay - not a good idea. But what a wonderful thing to take a warm egg from under a soft hen... memories of childhood.

Some nurse told me that I should pump the muscles in my calves while I stand to make things better, but I'm not very good at doing more than one thing at a time!

Does anyone know why standing is so hard? Is it to do with blood circulation?


Gosh, my feet are killing me anyway but standing about makes it so much worse. I'm contemplating investing in a folding stool to take to school with me as standing outside waiting for dd to come out (and she's always the last!!) absolutely does me in. Especially seeing as I've walked nearly a mile to get there in the first place. Standing is def the worst thing I have to do too. Don't know why it is but it is :)


Standing also does not do it for me either. If I stand for too long, It really affects me for several hours. I do take a shooting stick in the back of the car to sit on (as well as my walking stick to lean on). the advantage of a shooting stick is it is small and easily portable and folds up. I spent Sunday morning getting lunch ready for 25 people for our anniversary. By the evening, I could hardly move and Monday not much better, Think that is why feet still hurt so much. Whether it is to do with distribution of weight not sure but I do move from foot to foot if standing for long periods, which you will see guardsmen doing on parade to prevent them fainting as the blood pools in the lower limbs. However, I then usually have to seek a chair or ask someone to get me a chair. I am sure most galleries would be glad to assist if asked. LavendarLady


Ditto all the above lol!

My fella's Nan had a kind of seat/zimmer type thing with wheels on it, I was very envious, but I'm far too proud to get one. She was in her 90's, I'm half that!

Anyway,once again it's all about adapting isn't it!

Ps Cathie, leave the skins on, I do & it's just as nice. You can buy them so clean nowadays. :)


I agree about potato skins, unfortunately i have a grandson who would object. Then I end up doing it all the time.

I think the standing thing is to do with the circulation. I was out this morning (more galleries) and tried the clenching unclenching of calf muscles idea. Sort of worked, but my legs still feel tired.

My sandals from Guat have arrived and am trying them out. We talked about shoes a few weeks ago, and that prompted me to try these not too expensive handmade sandals. First we discovered that my right foot is one size larger than my left, so I now have the right size sandals. They feel OK so far and am wearing them around the house. They've got vibram soles which is quite nice.

And Tiasteph, pride is a mixed blessing. My mum hated having to ask for help although in the last couple of years of her life she did use a wheel chair when shopping. But it helped her cope with RA because she wouldnt give in. - while at the same time I'm sure she would have agreed with everything we all say about pacing ourselves.


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