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Does Methotrexate lower blood pressure?

Mine is usually about 130/80 and this morning its down to 104/69. Took my mtx yesterday. Other than this I feel fine. No side effects. Yay!

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Well done you paula,i didn't have any of the nausia on mtx either,it was working well for until xmas when i had a chest infection. I would monitor your blood pressure for a few days and see how its going. I don't think it makes much difference,but you should just keep an eye on it to make sure. If your unhappy with it see your gp.

love sylvi.xx

Thanks Sylvi, hope you're feeling better today x

Hi Paula,

I haven't noticed any difference in my blood pressure, am on MTX 20 mg.

I do keep a good eye on bp as family history isn't too good for high bp.

Best to do what Sylvi says and keep an eye on it.


Thanks Mary, I keep an eye on mine for the same reason. Glad I do because when I checked my husbands last year it was dangerously high and he was immediately put on tablets to lower it. I'm mostly concerned because I'm only on 7.5mg mtx right now but it's due to be increased to 15mg next Friday. I think I'll speak to the rheumy nurse next week just to be sure.

Paula x

Hi Paula

I don't think MTX affects BP. Did you take your bp again half an hour later?

Your normal figure is a little high and the lower figure is fine also BP is normally lower in the mornings anyway.

The medical profession now see a BP below 130/80 as a healthy reading. I've added a link to a BP chart.

Beth x

Thanks Beth, Ill check that out. X

I am not aware that your BP is affected by MTX. It sometimes depends on what you have been doing prior to taking your BP, what time of day etc. I would say that both BP's are within normal range for your age. the only thing that I would be aware of is that if it stays at the lower range and you feel dizzy especially when going from standing to sitting let your GP know. It is better to take your BP around the same time of day each day if you take it on a regular basis. Wendy x

This is interesting - I am going to see my GP tomorrow morning for 2 weekly bloods and one of the questions i have for him is about the rest of my health apart from RA, because that's the only thing we ever talk about now. I've never had my blood pressure taken since RA business started. But a few years ago it was very high over a matter of weeks and I had one last test before I was to be put on pills and it was normal again. My dad had very high blood pressure for most of his adult life and I believe it contributed to death - also diabetes and his father and grandfather before him.

None of this ever gets checked out now but I feel it probably should? Blood pressure might now be lower having lost over 3 stone in a year and being much fitter than I was but I do get dizzy often when standing up from sitting position. Will ask about it for sure now you've raised this subject Paula. Also he said my thyroid T4 was lower and I was probably taking a tiny bit too much thyroxine now, but not to lower the dose yet as I was still getting very tired, and I wondered if that might be contributing - I wish they wouldn't leave it all to me to ask these things sometimes! Got to ask about contraception too because I haven't a clue whether I'm post menopausal yet and fed up with using only basic methods if you get my meaning?! What a lot to cram into a ten minute consultation eh?

What a can of worms eh Tilda! You've reminded me now that I need to ask about thyroid checks too. Does the RA or Mtx make any difference? I've had underactive thyroid for 23yrs and usually get tested yearly. Contraception I'm glad to say is a thing of the past since convincing my hubby to have the snip many moons ago. Also all the stress of the past months and recent diagnosis have not done much for my libido anyway. I'd rather have a nice cup of tea lol. Hopefully this will change once I come to terms with everything. I'm surprised your blood pressure hasn't been checked and agree you should keep up with it. I bought a monitor from Lloyds pharmacy for about a tenner. I'm not obsessive or anything but just make sure I check mine and hubby does his about once a month.

Paula x

My friend who drove us into choir practice early this afternoon said that I should just prioritise the RA with my GP tomorrow and then go and see the practice nurse for diabetes, thyroid and blood pressure instead. So that's calmed me down because I hate the feeling that I'm coming out none the wiser with GP frazzled by me!

I had 2 years of no periods and then one came along out of the blue last August - but none since and my FSH or whatever was nearing the post meno stage - but apparently it can fluctuate in this way for years and years. I had my contraceptive device removed with this one off period in case it was the cause of problems. With all this weight loss and fitness I'm more inspired these days but only problem is that OH seems to be going in the opposite direction to me, gaining weight, tired out by nightshifts and prostate problems - oh dear?!

I went on the thyroid HU once but they told me i needed to know my T3 as well as my T4 (or maybe the other way round can't remember) and ask for print outs and come back to the site with them. On top of all the other new things I've got to think about I didn't have the mental energy to start demanding to have my T3 checked whatever that is?! I did ask for an extra thyroid test and my GP said if anything now I'm slightly over and could do with reducing my dose rather than raising it so I might just check this with him tomorrow if I've time - after talking about Hydroxy and rheumy apt and double checking re telemed consultation in a month and taking bloods and getting a prescription for more MTX. Suspect that will be quite enough for him and for me! TTx

I went on thyroid HU too and was astounded at the problems people seemed to be having. I didn't realise so many people had ongoing problems after diagnosis. I've generally been ok apart from the occasional dip and ongoing weight problems. After seeing all the comments about having to fight for T3 after hunting down the right consultant I decided it wasn't for me. I think we have enough to deal with fighting our RA Tilda. It sounds wise not to hit your GP with too much if the practice nurse can help you. When I saw mine last week following diagnosis she really didn't appear to want to get involved in my RA and advised me to speak to my rheumy nurses for any joint related problems. She was really nice but has clearly handed my RA over to the rheumy team. I'm not even sure what happens about my blood tests? First one due Wednesday but I don't know if I'm meant to call the surgery. Suppose that's another thing to sort on Monday. Good luck with the contraceptive advice. The last thing you need is an unplanned surprise.

Paula x

Yes an unplanned surprise would be pretty devastating at the age of 49 on MTX I agree Paula. Now on the blood pressure - GP took it today as requested and looked kind of puzzled at the results. Then he made me stand up and took it again - and then said 140/94 - a bit high but we'll keep taking it when you're in and not worry yet. The thing is my dad had very high blood pressure and my grandfather before him and both died suddenly - my granddad quite young. So I am a bit worried as five years ago I had it taken and it was raised three consecutive occasions and then came down to normal the last time. I've lost so much weight and keep so fit I had kind of assumed it would be low rather than high - especially with feeling light headed sometimes. Ah well it never rains...!

I don't have a rheumy team as you know so the practice nurses and GPs and physio have to be mine. I phoned medical director's office today to see why I've had no acknowledgement for my complaint yet 2 and half weeks after delivering it by hand. And his secretary seemed to know my name - went away and phoned me back 3 times - final time to ask if she could email me appologising for her mistake in failing to acknowledge it - poor woman it sounded as if she had been told off. She only works part time!

Apparently he is going to write back to me once he's finished his very thorough investigation of my case - which he's done already except he hasn't managed to speak to my rheumy yet... why am I not surprised by that!! TTxx

Tilda, I'm so pleased you got your BP checked and it's now going to be monitored especially with your family history. Hopefully now you've had a reply to your complaint and your bloods are improving your BP will fall.

Paula x

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