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Is there a protocol on how they wean you on MTX, Or do They?

Seeing that this is only my second week on MTX I am on a low dose, I am not sure how long they will have me on this dose before they decide if they need to increase it, if its not giving me relief, or if they start you on smaller doses for a while, for your body to get used to it before they increase, any suggestions?

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I started on 10mg and then increased two weeks later to 15mg and then again two weeks later to 20mg. This is my dose at the moment till I hear from consultant. Hope this helps.



Hi, my consultant told me to take 7.5mg for two weeks and then 15mg. He said he hopes that will be the dose I continue on. Are you due back to see your consultant soon?


I see my rheumy in three months, but can see my gp ay time, and she can contact him through email to see what he suggests



The idea of starting on a low dose is so the medication does not overwhelm your body and they can monitor you for any side effects. This is also why your blood is tested every week initially, then 2 wks and so on. Also, it would show in your blood markers if it's working without problems.

You have to be proactive too, and if your not getting benefit you must inform the nursing staff. Once you've been taking the lower dose for a couple of weeks with few if any problems, ask about increasing the dose next time you have your blood tested.

Beth x


I started on 7.5 and was on that for a month then rose straight up to 15mg but my liver alt rose too much with the doubling in dosage so my GP took me back to 10mgs then 12 then 15 each for about 3 weeks although i had to wait for my liver to get back to normal. Got up to 17.5 a month ago but then once again liver rose so now back down to 15mgs. It will depend on your blood test results and how well you tolerate it. I haven't seen a rheumy or a specialist nurse for six months - just my GP and my rheumy tells me via GP that this would be the case if I was anywhere due to under resourcing? Hope this helps.

TT x


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