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I have been taking Mtx for over 4 years and it has worked really well for me. I have the odd flare but generally i can get on with life. The worst flares are usually around this time of year.

I last saw my consultant in April he suggested that i increase my dose from 15mg to 20mg. I went home and decided against it and i am glad that i have not increased my dose and the reason i didn't is because this drug works well for me i want it to continue to for as long as possible, i am worried that if i increase the dose too soon i'll end up with nowhere to go so will only increase if absolutely, can't move for pain, necessary!

So i was wondering how long people here have been taking mtx before the effects start to wear off or stop altogether and what are the maximum dosages that people take?



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hi Lyn i have been on mtx from april 2010 and have gone from 10mg to 20mg and it suited me i also said no to 25mg and have staid on the 20mg I am sorry i cant answer your question only time will tell and the advice of your doctor?everyone who has R.A. is different but be hopefull that you can stay as you are


I'm on 20mg via injection,my ruemy nurse is talking about putting me up to 25mg as i'm still in pain. Can't remember how long i've been on mxt,because before the jabs i was on tablets.



Was on Mxt for 8 years and creeped up to 20mg where it was working beautifully for a long time. Liver didn't like it. So, something else to consider. If your liver is fine at 15 mg and you feel good the majority of the time. I too would wait until I absolutely felt I needed to go up.


Hi Lyn, I was on 25mg MTX for about 4 yr they carried on working but the nausea became so bad, I was ill just thinking about taking them and vomiting soon after I had to stop them as I was bringing them straight back up.

My doc gave me a 6mth break then prescribed Leflunomide which I'm fine with now (wasn't good at the beginning with side effects nausea and headaches) but coming up to 6 yr now.

I now have Kenalog injections 3 monthly too.

Only problem I have with meds these days is I can't drink at all.

Talk to your doctor and do what you feel is best for you. Good luck. xxx


I'm on 25 mg via injection and i went up about 6 mths ago.after being on 20mg for over a year.Before that i took 20mg orally.My rhuemy states the the injections are more potent than the tablets as up to 40% of the tablet is destroyed in the digestive tract before it starts to work(not sure how this works but he is convinced) However since the beginning of August i can feel that the MTX is not working as well for me and i don't think i can go any higher.I'm back on steroids as well at the moment and see my Rhuemy later this month for joint injections and to discuss other options.I've has the same rhuemy since diagnosis and i trust his judgement but the decisions are mine.The problem is without some different treatment i'm seriously concerned about long term joint damage-2 of my finger joints have already worn away and i'm looking at surgery in the not too distant future.

Sorry to have gone on what i;m trying to say is i'd rather take the medication now and i'll worry about the future when it happens

Take care

Julie xxx


I've been on mtx for about 8 years 20mg weekly. So far so good. Praps injections might be better than increasing dosage? I reduced dose once and got into a mess but alls ok at present

I'd be inclined to go along with Julie, treatments are changing all the time and we need to make the most of the present



I've been on injections for over 14 years. They are a God sent to me. I added Humira 3 years ago as tests indicated I needed to reduce inflammation more. I've had RA for over 40 years, walk, type, not without hand deformity but in very good shape considering. My knees have been replaced 20 years ago. I swim 2 times a week in a therapeutic pool and use a hot tub when I'm there to heat up my bones. It is the quality not the quantity of life.


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