Holiday countdown

Purple pot should be coming off tomorrow hurray. I have only two sleeps to my holiday and will be so chuffed to get my arm free. I am also going on a lunch date tomorrow with the lovelly man I met on the internet. We havent seen each other for a couple of weeks and wanted to see each other before i jet off.

Sold Mums stair lift on thats gone now it seems strange without it. At least its not there constantly reminding me of Mum and her suffering. I know she would be pleased to know I am off on holiday with my friends.

So a new chapter in my life is beginning and even with RA I am determined to

make the most of my fifties. Thanks to all you lovelly bloggers.

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have a great holiday keep your purple cast as souvenir


Hi Sharon. I am so pleased for you. You seem to be fairly sorted at the moment, and positive things are happening - because you are being positive? Except of course the slight excursion into the tip!!!! But take the rough with the smooth eh? Lol.

Hope the lunch date goes well with lovely man. Exciting going away, I do hope you have a nice restful time and keep clear of any refuse areas.

Take care love julie xxx


Hope pot comes off else you're going to have a funny old tan line ;) Have a lovely lunch followed by an equally lovely holiday. It's good to be moving forwards xx


Great news Sharon :) Hope the arm is fixed, lunch with Lovely Man is exciting and your holiday perfect.

Stay positive ... it really does work!

Lyn x


Hi Sharon, So great to hear you are happy & positive. A holiday will do you the world of good, oh the heat & warmth can almost feel it! The new man sounds a boost too! Oh keep us posted I love a good romance!]

xxx Gina


Have a great hols

fiona xx


I hope you have a lovely holiday. It will do you good. I'm going to cornwall on saturday for 2weeks, looking forward to that very much. If there any of you lovely people live down there please get in touch as i would love to see you. We are staying just outside polperro. I am going to the eden project while i'm there, anyone know of any interesting places that my hubby and i can visit. Sunbathing is out for me as the drugs have weakened my skin. I hope that you have more mobility when you have your pot off and i wish you a lovely holiday.

Best sylvi. xx


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