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Two weeks left

Two weeks left

To go until my operation. It is coming round so quick. The last 7 weeks have gone gone quickly. My hubby and daughter took my son to manchester yesterday.He booked into a hotel as he has an early flight this morning. I didn't go as it would have taken too much out of me this close to having my knee done.

I am down here for the second night in a row. My throat feels like it is snoring,does anyone understand what i'm talking about. Its not sore well not a lot anyway. All i want to do is feel well and its not happening. I am fed up with this weather we're getting as it doesn't help us with ra and other diseases. Now they forecast some cold weather to add to the mix. This weather is so topsy turvy at the moment and they say we are having a drought,i haven't seen much of a drought here in the midlands.

I am sitting here yawning my head off so i think i will go and try to get a bit more sleep.

Ps. Thought i would put up a bit of sunshine for you all.

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Ive got a sore throat this morning too sylvie so i hope they clear up soon. I cant understand why things are going so quickly but youre right.

Im sure youre really hoping for your op to be over.

Your hubby and daughter sound lovely. Its wonderful when they do something nice. Yesterday i was at the counsellor and had to walk in strong sunshine to meet up with paddy to go home. Not good for my troubled face. And hed thought to bring the car round so i didnt have to risk it.

Were off to the garden centre hoping to get some geraniums.weve a friend visiting from france coming to stay for a few nights who is likeky to spend time outside smoking! I hope your throat clears up, mine is rebelling at the thought of cigarettes yuk!



Hello Sylvie, can't beleive that 7 weeks have gone so quick, i hope the operation is a great success this time and recovery is quick. I am fed up as well, took today off work, feeling as though i need oiled, it is as though everything is rusty and sticking. Neck is nearly immobile and the pain runs up the back of my head.

But Sylvie, I took your advice about trying to be nice to husband instead of criticising and condemning and sulking so i did a few hints. Yesterday he came home with paint and started to paint the bedroom - exactly what i wanted...Yeah.

Was it easier this time to say bye bye to your son. Like Cathie says your family appear to be so close and supportive. You have done a very good job.


yes it was easier this time that goodness,at least i know he will be back now. isn't silly how us mothers go on.

I feel real rubbish today mads,my throat is starting to take on a life of it own now. My head hurts as well.If i'm still like this monday i',m going to the doctors as i don't want anything to stop this op now. Oil,made i would need all the arabs have got to get me moving. I'm even considering going back to bed,that how i feel.

God thats good news re; your hubby. You can always get more with honey than vinegar. What colour did he get for you don't really care as long as he gets it done.



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