Book or reader, which is best

Hi Beeper

Which is best, well I am a gadget geek but still buy the odd book so I can pass onto a friend. But I have a iPad and reader and a iPhone. The Sony reader is ok but you can only get books from waterstones and Sony. I have a light attachment for in bed and yes it is bad in sunlight. The iPad is expensive but you can goon the net and has loads of apps. I use it as a laptop when I came get to mine. It is big to hold but with a case you can stand it up and has a great back light. This blog is being typed and sent via iPad. Having a iPhone I can sync my phone and pad together being if I read on my phone while out, when I get home my iPad will turn the same page when I use it. I buy books from amazon on these, using the kindle system. My son has a kindle reader he finds it cheap and easy to use and fits in his pocket and has a case with a light and can go on the Internet all be black and White. With all these the books are a bit cheaper online and are downloaded instantly. If you want a cheap, small reader kindle. For a devise with many uses but expersive iPad. Hope this helps..

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  • thanks was hoping a "geek" would reply.. think the jury is out between kindle and ipad thing type readers say kindle is cost favourite but more limited>? x

  • i cant hold my books up now without really aching- money limites. think i will consider a kindle? but can you see them in sunlight?


  • Oh no! I feel so passionate about this! I have every gadget known to man: I have both an iPad - which I mostly used for work and a bit of gaming - and kindle (I only bought the kindle to take on holiday, to save the weight of suitcase full of books, then lost immediate interest in it, because it didn't feel like a book). However, there is no substitute for the smell & feel of a real book. I have Sparkle's problem that I can't hold them up, as I have to shift around and rest them on something, but I can't get my head around replacing this tactile beauty with something electronic! It takes all the aesthetics & enjoyment out of it. I have this dread of going into a library in 20 years time (to keep warm, because energy bills are too costly, and I'll want to warm my joints), only to find I'm in a small room with lots of little cartridges on the shelves, with no newspapers, because I have to log on to read them! I'm no Luddite, but I believe that some things are sacred & worth preserving. And, yes Sparkle, you can see them in sunlight, but I swiftly switched to my paper copy book that I bought at Manchester airport, and my puzzle book. Sorry to sound like a miserable bugger, this is something I feel very strongly about. I'm not QUITE as bad as my husband yet: he grumbles that he, "won't get one of those strawberry phones".

  • im still on paper backs my self.. we will be miserable together xx

  • I'm with you Andrea -books every time. Had a new one delivered from Amazon yesterday. Lovely and thick so lots to look forward to, then when nearing the last few pages the mixed feelings that you will soon know 'who dun it!' but will need to now find another book to start (I'm afraid I'm an obsessive reader) I just can't see that electronic books will be the same so will just have to hope my hands keep working.

  • I got a Kindle for Christmas as I don't have the strength in my wrists to hold a book open any longer - my wrists kind of lock and trying to undo them is agony - I LOVE my Kindle, it's so light and easy to read even outside. The battery lasts forever, I read for an hour or so a day and I think I've only charged it 4 times since Christmas. Having access to a library is great when you're stuck on a train and feel like reading something else!

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