A book some of you might like to read!

A book some of you might like to read!

I've just read "One Step At A Time" by Marie Joseph. It's her journey with RA/RD bringing up a family in 1950's Lancashire. All I will say is, it was extremely entertaining and insightful. It also references how things have changed (or not changed) in the NHS and treatment of RA over the past 60 years.

You can download it for a couple of quid on ibooks/Amazon/Kindle. I got it on ibooks and it downloaded in 10 seconds flat.

I just thought i'd share her story with you - I really enjoyed the read.

Have a good day y'all happy reading!

:D x

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  • Thanks, just bought the book, I would add that people make sure they include the author as there are quite a few books for your kindle using the same heading. Another for my collection for my cruise in September, I have downloaded so many books as we have more days at sea than land on this one. Best pressie hubby and daughter have ever bought me.

  • Sounds great! Let me know what you think of the book - I was engrossed from the 1st page.

  • poor low paid nhs person part time. phased retur4n no ipad/ i phone or kindle but have bought a paper copy for 0.01p and £2.80 delivery charge.. thinking of getting a nook? or kobo? for birthday.. cheaper than kindle with parer white display, any one got one of these?

  • lol I did see it on sale for 0.1p but I have an old iphone! I use a clapped out laptop and could do with £3K for a tech upgrade in ma hoose!

    You will have the joy of turning every page and dog earing the corner to mark the page!

    I think a nook would be good but I don't really know enough about the pros and cons...Let me know if you get one! :D

  • Bought my husband a kobo for his birthday last year. He's gone from being someone who reads one book a year on holiday to a constant reader - can't get him off the thing. So would recommend it (but maybe not so good for your partner!)

  • Hi Summer I have a Kobo and absolutely love it. It has the added bonus that I can borrow ebooks from the local library. They download and then if you don't renew them they disappear after a couple of weeks. Great way to read the latest bestsellers if you can't afford to buy them.

    Also with a Kindle you only download content from Amazon, with a Kobo you can download from several didferent places like Waterstones and WHSmith.

    Ereaders are sk much lighter and easier to hold than a heavy book too. Hope you are able to get one soon Summer x

  • Thanks Cal, always looking out for a good read. have downloaded and will let you know what i think. Tracy x

  • Hi Trace, I really liked this book, lots of dry humour and incredible detailing of her RA timeline. Fancy a Peat Bath anyone?! :D

  • Just ordered a copy for myself on ebay for £2.55. looking forward to it arriving and having a good read, thank you for the tip x

  • Your welcome, let me know what you think of it - She is quite a woman and I am sure she would have loved the blogging and online connections x

  • Hi Cal, read it in a couple of sittings. Couldn't put it down. Found it very thought provoking and emotional. Made me realise how "lucky" I was having RA now and not then and got me wondering whether people diagnosed in 30 years time would be saying the same when they come across all our blogs! Don't know why but I also assumed that people suggesting alternative methods of curing RA was a relative new thing. Thank you for recommending it. Tracy x

  • Hi Tracy, Glad you liked the book. What an amazing woman! I was the same as yourself and couldn't stop turning the pages.

    I don't think some of my experiences are so different to Marie's but I am glad for Methotrexate and better pain management. The small insight into the older sufferer's was amazing! Locked away for how long? Quite scary. Yeah, we are definitely lucky with the advances made. Fingers crossed RA is gone for good in 30 years time...Right I'm off for a Peat Bath! Cal :D

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