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Missing things (where they turn up)

My daily fight with the ivy continues and whilst snipping away today I

discovered my Mums old pick up thingy. Its been missing for years and years

I borrowed it once to pull some ivy down to trim it and then must have got called away to do something else. Then over the years it got entwined in all the ivy. Mum had to get another one cause that one had gone. How she would have laughed if I had found it when she was still here.

Another silly story we were going on holiday once and a neighbour was going to look after our rabbits. I left the food etc on top of the freezer and a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning them out in the garage. We came back and the neighbour said didnt find those rubber gloves used my own. Weeks later I found them in the freezer. I am constantly losing my mobile but at least I havent put it in the freezer YET!!

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you must be in love sharon!! xx or distracted


Ha ha or perhaps I am sandwich short of a picnic.


You and me both. I once found half a pound of boiled ham floating in a sink of soapy water. Only me in so I couldn't blame anyone else. Sheila x


Oh brilliant did it taste ok after you rinsed it?


I don't know what it tasted like. I forgot to ask my hubby. I put it on his sandwiches the day after...........only joking! Sheila x


Lol. Sharon


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