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Positive, Negative, Neutral

I thought I would let you know about my appointment with the Occupational Therapist. Now apparently, I should have been referred to this department when I had my first nurse appointment in December (which was three months after diagnosis) I didn't know this.

So any road up - at my nursey appointment in February she told me she would refer me to OT and Podiatry for wrist splints and insoles for me wellies...

I didn't hear anything, I had purchased a wrist support off t'internet anyway and I had some old insoles from about 2 years ago which definitely still helped

The funny thing is, my wrist and thumb (in which I have some wear from OA) has got a lot worse since all the swellings have gone down. So was finding it harder and harder to pick up my eggies without lots of pain, which transferred itself along the back of my hand and up my arm to my elbow, just like when I had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I have dropped a few I can tell You (eggies that is)... tut tut says RH.

So... where was I... yes I rang up the RA nursey department and didn't get my usual one, I got the grumpy one, and even though she was grumpy she still did her job and the next day I had a phone call from the OT department apologising and asking how I was. After blubbing down the phone to her, because I have been struggling with my wrists, but I think I have tried not to show it... she makes me an appointment for yesterday.

I am now the proud owner of two lovely BEIGE coloured wrists splints. They are quite a nice material, but most importantly of all, they stabilise my thumb and wrists and driving home it was a pure pleasure. It's funny how you don't realise you are putting up with pain and discomfort until someone takes it away and you realise life could be so much easier.

Is "struggling on" a genetic disposition??? I think some of it has to do with the fact that when I sometimes raise a point with the doctor or nurse they are concentrating on something else, like when I was talking to the ra cons, and I mentioned the painful knee and hip and wrist and thumb etc... he said ah that's probably the OA.. yes and.... it just gets ignored, so I think I have to struggle on with it. So I returned to my doc for an update on painkillers and pain management which has helped.

I have been trying to do without painkillers and in some circumstances I can. But in order to go to work I have to keep myself dosed up. So then I thought. I don't want to dose myself up with more toxic drugs to go out to work and do a job in an unfriendly environment, which is a massive blow when you are a farmer and love being outdoors. Silly me.....

So I have been looking to re-train. Can you teach an old dog new tricks??? I bloody well hope so.... :-)

This idea has not gone down well with RH. I think, he thinks, I am going to leave him. Huh I say and who is going to look after me in my old age??? I told him I doubt if I could find another toyboy with loads of money so he's quite safe. But he is definitely miserable about the whole thing... that is me not working on the farm, and thinking of doing something else. So I give him a good old talking to this morning.

I have been told I do not qualify for Employment and Support (the old incapacity benefit) but I can't quite understand why and they are going to ring me next Tuesday to see if there is anything else I can apply for.

So it might be a case of going up the end of the lane, selling my wares in an emergency because funds are dangerously low. We shouldn't have a cashflow problem at this time, but we have which seems to suggest something is afoot. The big problem being the cost of chicken feed is going up at a drastic rate but we are not being paid any more for our eggies than we were 12 months ago. Doesn't take an accountant to work that one out!!!

No-one said life was going to be easy.... and they weren't wrong.

So I am toddling off now (It's a day off for me from eggies and the girlies today). I am feeling like I can do something around the house and potter about like a little old lady. But I would rather be doing something more constructive.

Tatty bye for now and take care everyone

Julie xx

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eggsecelllent bog get it!!! yes its diy healthcare welcome to my world!! same prob as you on benefits front.. worked bout 11 hours this week 3x 3.5 hours


Thanks Alison. Good pun.

I really didn't expect much because I haven't paid any NI for 3 years because we don't earn enough, but prior to becoming a partner in the farm I paid a full stamp so that's about 35 years worth, with time off to have a baby, which was just over 12 months,during which time I was self employed working from home, doing admin for small businesses. But I think looking at what they have said in the letter they sent this morning because I haven't paid enough contributions in the last 2 years I don't qualify - takes the biscuit really! because i have worked harder in the last 2 years than the rest of my life, for less money - methinks I am doing something wrong!!!!

Hope things at work improve, can't the OT get you a chair??

Take care

Julie x


sharing the one i got almost 2 years from occ health a complete p take no pun it takes the biscuit... four mornings next week


I think retraining is a great idea, I had the same thought recently, I was thinking classroom assistant for small kids! I wondered would I be physically able, I love smallies in small doses, so a couple of hours a week would do, its a far cry from the debt collecting legal battles I find myself in at work ! I think my days are numbered anyway in the current economic climate!


I think retraining is a great idea Julie. Who knows? in the future you could become an eggecutor, an eggaminer or an eggcellent teacher eggcetera, eggcetera! Sheila x


As you know I retrained, It's never too late to do so:-)

As you say that you've done admin work before, is this something that you would consider doing from home? Hubby may be happier if you're still 'around' at the farm.

I'm sure that there are other farmers around struggling to do their 'books' and various other admin/compliance - would give you a captive audience who would know that you understood their situation. You could go and collect their stuff and organise your working hours around pain/fatigue etc - just a thought :-)

There are other companies that employ folk working from home on IT and clerical work too.

Another option is to pay off the shortfall in your NI from the past 2 years and then reapply - after all you've paid into the system for years already. If you are on ESA it credits your NI.

The Shaw Trust are very good at helping folk with returning to work/ retraining and it's worth making an appt to have a chat with someone :-)

Consider your options creatively, do you have space on the farm that you can rent out sessionally for art/ craft/ yoga classes etc - this would be something that you could 'arrange and manage' and would contribute much needed revenue.


Cece x


A few years ago I went to see a counsellor about a work related problem. At that point I said I'd like to do her job. She really counselled me out of it! Now I really wish I'd opted to do t hat training as I'm sure I'd be good at it (modesty here, sorry), and the work would suit me ok. I know they earn a good wack and can work from home/ or from some sort of community base.

Cant do it now really, I've taken up art in quite a big way.


Hey thanks guys. Really useful information and guidance. I have in fact got a certificate in counselling, you know just the basic one to get you onto another level, although it was about 5 years ago. I still have all the work I did and feedback etc etc. I also have a degree in psychology which is a bit older than that!!! I did that when I was 41, and never used it because I met old fanny face and moved down here. I worked in mental health as a support in a drop in centre but that it really quite demanding and mentally draining. So I do have options, but it is paying for it. I shall look into the Shaw Trust thin Cece thanks. One draw back about working for farmers is - they are notorious for not paying their bills! ha ha ha

Julie x Thanks again, much appreciated


Well, you could do the books/admin for counsellors and psychologists!

Seriously though, as someone who's always been self-employed, small businesses and sole practitioners always need help with their admin:-)

Cece x


It does seem to make sense doesn't it. If I can get my botty into gear. I have just been reading somewhere about a virtual secretarial service? Do I have it in me??? Food for thought.. :-)

Julie xx


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