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Not been on a while good to be back. Last time my son was moving out and down because he was going. Did not know how I would get by as the wife does not understand RA some times. But have managed and getting used to not have him around. Went to see my company doc and he said I should not be working. I said but who will pay the bills. Saw the RA doc about my knees cracking and had a xray, he said they were not to bad. Not bad enough to have them replaced. Gone to fizz-e-o for some excerises to help with muscle waste. Going to have my med changed from slaz to mex. Can someone tell me how they are on it.

Thats it up to date, thanks and all the best to you all out there.

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Hi Beeper

Welcome back - glad to hear that homelife has settled down.

I am on Methotrexate and have found it very helpful, it seems to be the anchor drug for RA. Many of us have to take another DMARD with it

Good luck with it all

take care



Hiya Beep

Lovely to hear from you. Good to hear you have been managing ok. I have been on Mtx since Dec 2010. I had to up the dose to 20mg some time in Feb and since then it seems to have got control of the RA. However,but like yourslef my OA in my knee and wrists are still making life difficult for me. I did use to feel quite sicky on the Mtx but this has worn off. I don't know if the fact that I have changed my diet has helped or not but I don't seem to get the nausea (not for the last couple of weeks any way) like I used to, or that horrible heavy feeling across the back of my neck the morning after (I take my after my meal on a Tuesday evening and get off to bed as soon as I can) I take omeprazole to protect the stomach too. 1 per day.

Hope you get on alright with it. It is difficult when you are told you should be resting and taking it easy but you have to go out to work. But that was the company doctor - how do you feel?

Look after yourself matey

Julie xx


Best of luck mate.. metho is great for most people

alison x


Hi Beep, long time no blogg, so to speak, anyway MTX seems to be the wonder drug for RA everyone seems to be taking it. I myself have taken it on and off for about ten years, I say on and off because of operations or low white cell count etc it needs to be stopped a while.

Everyone reacts differently to MTX, some can take it without any problems others can't. Side effect are generally the same for most, nausea,headache, but sometimes once your body gets accustomed to it the side effects can go away. Or you can take something to help if you do get side effects, I've been up to 25mg dose in the past have just been lowered to 10mg ( by choice )

Good luck I'm sure you will feel the benefit of it, hope your son's getting on ok leaving home? I dread that day, mine leaves school this week and that's bad enough!

Take care

Mandy xx


welcome back Beep beep! know that feeling when son leaves, my 23 yr old is living away now & I miss him a lot, but have lots more food in fridge now, still miss him hanging into fridge 24/7 and rebuilding the kitchen at 4am!!! Still have two daughters and they great (mostly) eat like birds LOL!


Hi, hope mtx works well for you.

I have been on it for about 10 - 15 years and didn't have any side effects fortunately.

As I was working I was told to take Mtx on a Friday night (only 7.5). I expect this was in case of any side effects. If you find you have any problems talk to your rheumy nurse/team, that's what they are there for.

I also have to take folic acid on a Monday and Wednesday evening which is in conjunction with the mtx. and also for the past 2 years, something to line my stomach every morning before I take any other meds.

All the best


Another thought - it was only after several years of paying for prescriptions individually that I was made aware of the fact that I was elligible for pre-payment prescription charges - was a big saving


Move to prescription charges lol!


Good luck with the mxt. It works well for most people but sometimes needs to be taken with hydroxychloroquine sulphate or another drug. Hope it works for you


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