Learning more about RA

Learning more about RA

In its wisdom the pharmacy continuing learning /professional development body cppe

does not have any e learning modules or workshops on RA.. appalling going to ring and complain!

Any way NRAS are helping me wade through with their leaflets. publications.

and I have 3 great books on loan from the library two fairly similar and one a bit more alternative./ diet related.

Arthritis by dk this one is a well written and easy to understand

medical type book endorsed by arthrits care excellent ISBN 978-1-4053-4418-0

How to live a full life with Rheumatoid arthritis by Jasmine Jenkins well written factual no colour piccies but good... at the age of 32 with 3 small children Jasmine Jenkins was diagnosed... benefitted from occupational therapy

she retrained to be an occupational therapist.. inspirational.. written by howto books isbn 978-1-84528-336-0

3rd book bit more "alternative in approach" 50 things you can do today to manage arthritis with the foreward by susaon oliver nurse advisor to NRAS Published by summerdale isbn 978-1-84953-054-5

ISBN library refernce book code system

Happy reading any one interested in learning more. knowledge is empowering

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Thanks for these Alison, I have some Amazon vouchers left over from my birthday so will have a browse later! x


Hi Ali

I have bought the 50 things you can do book. Did wonder whether we should publish the 39 tips for managing RA we came up with in order to raise money for NRAS so to speak. Also would like to retrain really. Would like to be an OT in hospital setting but am a bit old now @ 47 ! and also broke.

Anyway can we get accepted with RA ? genuinely dont know.



just looked at the OT book going to order it x


Pps gorgeous blue picture


'Arthritis for Dummies', the title says it all! LOL!!!


have you a book called this ? or are you referring to my blog/blog title

or would this be a title if we wrote or own book???!!


Hi Alison,

The book by Jasmine Jenkins is excellent ( and I have read that several times, am sure I have a copy somewhere but seem to think it might have been updated or about to be updated? Latest book just released (

The other two are more general and if I remember correctly focus more on osteo than rheumatoid. But some of the advise was common sense and would apply to anyone with a chronic condition.

I would definitely recommend Jasmine's book as well as all the publications that are produced by NRAS. For the cost of NRAS membership (£20 pa by DD) the information available, the regular members magazine and the E-news is excellent value and loaded with latest news, features etc..

I have got at least one other book that I would recommend, I'll try and lay my hands on it (I have masses of stuff from doing so much research)!

Lyn x


lyn have printed off several off our blog posts I truly regard you as an expert patient.. thank you x


i am a member of nras and am accessing their publictions thank you x


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