New appointment re elbows

Have just phoned my RA clinic and cant believe it but I have got an appointment for tomorrow (Oh my God). My elbows have been hurting for about 3 months and have finally decided that I need to get them looked at before my hols. I have also had probs with my eyes especially my left one. What with Mum passing etc I havent done anything about it. So here goes. I will have to set my alarm so get up early enough.

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  • Well done Sharon, make a list of questions and go through them before you leave the docs. The stress of your bereavement has probably not helped pain wise. I wish you well for your visit. Let us know how it goes? xxx

  • Thank you Gina.

  • Hi Sharon, that was lucky. Good luck and hope you get sorted out.

    Julie xx

  • yes as gina said make a list and good luck xx

  • Yes I will do otherwise I will get there and my mind will go blank.

  • Let us know how you get on, as you say it would be nice to feel well for your jollies! xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow Sharon :) Hope it goes well and you get some answers!


  • Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow Sharon. Now you have got an appointment make sure you don't forget anything.

    Good luck

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