Painful elbows

Hi fellow RA's does anyone have painful elbows cause mine are so tender. I just wondered if it is RA or something else.

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  • They are joints after all so I suppose quite likely due to RA. Have you been using your arms more recently ie gardening, exercising, that sort of thing? RA does have a tendency to move about the body!

    Lyn x

  • Oh I didnt know about RA moving around the body. Thats interesting Lyn so thanks for that. I have been doing a lot of sweeping etc this last week or two. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon

    My elbows are one of the most painful joints, they do swell quite a bit and become very hot, I use peas if they're vey hot ( i have a special bag) or wheeties heated in the microwave if they just hurt. Unforuantly elbows are just another joint that joins in the torade of pain and inflamation.

    Please try to keep swelling down as you will see in several blogs I'm having an op on my elbow as a nerve has been trapped.

  • Thankyou Tricia for taking time out to answer me. I will what you sug gest re the swelling. It doesnt help that I am main carer for my Mum who is bedridden. Anyway I hope your op goes well on Thursday. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon, I had a total elbow replacement about 3 years ago, so yes it probably is RA. All you can do at the moment is try and keep the swelling down like you do with your other joints.

    mand xx

  • Thankyou Mand you are saying the same as Tricia.

  • Hi Sharon

    My RA started in my right shoulder and left elbow. So it may well be the RA. Later it got to my wrists and knees! My elbow is now recovered - even it's little nodule has disappeared! My shoulder aches alot, my wrists hurt if I carry heavy things - and one knee is still a nuisance!! Had 3 doses of Humira now... so waiting to see how much it is doing!! When I can go Kayaking again.... I will declare it successful!! (don't need knees to kayak, although they do have to bend to get in!)


  • I will probably have to get in touch with my RA Clinic and see if they can help at all. I have suffered with all my joints upto now but not my elbows so I guess I have been lucky.

  • sharon.. see if you can get some help in looking after your mum, some one can come in and maybe wash and dress your mum>?, or take her shopping etc, sometimes this service is free via, social services/ council/ or if not by claiming carers grant.. there are some good people out there who do this job, who genuinly care about their client... I did this sort of work work in the community when studying for my pharamacy qual... loved this work so rewarding....

  • Thanku Summer i have never heard of a carers grant.

  • Hi Sharon.

    I too have painful elbows. It's like the other say,anything you use a lot or put under strain, seem to get affected. I call my swellings my little alien because it seems to pop out here there any everywhere.

  • P.S. I think Alisons idea is a good one too. You should be able to get help (provided Mum doesn't mind). I used to do care in the community and loved the job too and I know there are some great ladies out there who care. Good luck x

  • Thanks Julie will give this some thought. Thanks for caring.

  • I've started to get rheumatoid nodules on my elbows, and they seriously bloody hurt! My GP (wait for this!) said it was where my skin poked through my cardigan! Then I saw a better GP & my rheumatologist.

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