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Trial Drug !

Hi everyone,

just to let you lovely people know who replied to my question about whether to get involved in trial for a drug - that i have decided not to do it.

I was getting in a state trying to decide and so in the end made a private appt with my consultant to see what he said and he said it would be best not to as have had lots of infections in the past and this will only make it worse plus you have to attend appts at least every week for two or three hours !

He said he would prefer me to go on Rutuximab and thats what we doing.

Feel better speaking to the actual person who deals with my RA.

Thanks for all your help and advice

Beachbabe xxxxxxx

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Thats what we are here for. You read what was said and you spoken to your consultant and took his advice. You came to it on your own after weighing up the pros and cons.

Glad that you have made the right decision for yourself.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi slyvi,

thanks for your confidence-building message !

am feeling bit low at the moment-prob due to all the uncertainty- so

your message made me feel alot better,


wendy - beachbabe xxxxxxxxx


Hi Wendy, good on you for looking at all your options and coming to a decision, it is the right one because you made it so have faith in yourself, hope you improve soon, Hugs Jane.


hi achyone - Jane.

you made me cry with your comment ! so so lovely of you to say such a supportive thing x

perhaps i have still got some intellect (spelt wrong i expect) left in my brain ! !

cuddles to you Jane xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Wendy, I think we have enough bad things happening to us that it makes it hard for us to function normally and with me anyway it has destroyed my self confidence. So with decisions at least it can be hard to allow ourselves to feel confident Trust your intuition and you'll never have any regrets as you are listening to the most important person in your life. Hugs Janie.


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