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Bags under my eyes

Whew, the sirens went off at least twice last night signifying a tornado warning. The first was at 11:30 pm and the 2nd after that. I just stayed in bed, I figured if it came-it was my time.

Today we have blue skies & fluffy white clouds that are being blown all over the sky. We are having strong wind gusts that rock my house.

I woke up late, then finished a book, and looked in the mirror & I have deep bags under my eyes. I always show some but today's are huge. I feel Ok, but am sluggish & tired. I was supposed to go bowling with friends today, but I cancelled. I didn't really want to bowl because my wrist always hurts afterwards, but I did want to be with my friends. Oh well.

I will go over to my Dad's tonight, we will celebrate his 70th birthday-a couple of days late. He & my SMom are back home now & somewhat rested up from their mission trip to Ecuador.

Have a great week,


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Have you tried drinking lots of mineral water. Often puffy eyes are a result of dehydration. Also water hydrates the brain which helps with sluggishness. I am glad your parents are back home and safe. Enjoy the birthday scary to have sirens going off in the night. That won't help your eyes! Take care and heed those warning for tornados!! Xxx


Christine, this last week i have read in the paper about putting sliced potato on eyes to reduce swelling from puffy eyes. I know cucumber does the same,not sure about the potato as i haven't tried it.

I hope the tornados haven't given you too much trouble.



Oh Christine those tornadoes looked so scary - saw them on sky news this morning. At least you are safe and sound. Is that the end of them for a while. Enjoy the family celebrations.


AArgh, I could't live with tornado warnings, I would be in a bunker for six months if i lived there. I think its too big a price for good weather, think I'll keep the british rain.!!! Take care Axx


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