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Is it over yet?

Is it over yet?

Have had a lovely few days with the family here (2 children + OHs, and 3 grandchildren) but my stamina certainly isn't what it used to be! So now achy and sore, and rather longing for the easter egg hunting season to be over. I realise that I've got so used to pacing myself and being able to manage the amount of energy/noise and so on in the house that it's really hard when my (admittedly slightly selfish) way of being is completely submerged. And I don't like feeling like a wuss, ignoring the rather nice looking bottles on the dinner table, and having to go to bed when everyone else is still going strong.

Weather's not helping as it's been quite cold and wet so have been indoors a lot. But the bright spot is that little'ist g-child is only 2 months old, so he and I can doze on the sofa in a companiable huddle - and I can blame the snuffling sounds on him.

But role on next weekend!


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Hi Polly

It's hard to pace yourself when your entertaining, but I think you managing quite well. I did to much and not enough rest at christmas and ended up with a flare, this hols, I've paced myself and had late mornings, so far so good. Eldest goes back to uni next saturday, although I will miss him, the house will return to normal and my youngest will be less exciteable.

Thinking of you

Sci x


Hello. you are being sensible it is the only way x.. what animal is that in your pic?? x


Bed is a cosy place to be resting when you've over done it. This holiday will soon be over and then you can go back to pacing and resting a bit more.

The weather isn't helping you or any off us with the rain and wind.

Like summer i would like to know what the animal is.

Sylvi. xx


Hi Polly. Do all your visitors know you have RA? Not that this always makes things easier of course as what people really know about our disease is usually very little - but they should be able to make allowances at least.

I know you have decided not to drink any alcohol at all now you're on the DMARDs but I think a little every now and then might be good for the soul. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I had rather a lot of bubbly last night for our wedding anniversary/ Easter and actually got quite drunk! It doesn't take much for me nowadays and I just desperately needed to let my hair down for once.

The boys were appalled and ran off with the remains of the bottle because I couldn't stop giggling hysterically and they know I'm not meant t drink on MTX. But it was our wedding anniversary and I just wanted an hour or two of complete escape.

I am a bit hungover this morning but still managed a nice 3 mile dog walk in the almost sunshine - hobbling a bit but none the worse for my night of abandon. My wrists are playing up badly again today but I feel better in myself for having had a few hours of care-free laughter. Perhaps you could allow yourself a couple of glasses just as a one off on their last night?

Glad the baby is with you on the sleep and cuddles front - that's as good for the soul as anything I feel. And I dread visitors these days too so you're not alone.



I did have a very nice glass of cognac last night, but the temptation to have more was quite strong. Tho' it also went straight to my head - cheap date me. I'll steer clear for next couple of days to take MTX and perhaps indulge again later in week. I know what you mean about letting hair down - I do feel rather like a misery guts at times, but I've rather got out of the habit of going wild. RA does seem to have soured me a bit.

It's a good idea to make sure that they get a better idea about RA, as the girls seem to have got into their heads I have a bad back. Not sure how, but no matter it's a start that I can build on.

And it's a baby aardvark in the photo - rather cute I thought. It is from the online newpaper the other day so I guess someone's bred one recently.

Rain has finally stopped so I can pack everyone outside....