What does it feel like to have asthma?

I used to smoke quite a bit, but I haven't really smoked in honestly ages now, I've quit and I think I used to have asthma or suffer with chest infections as a baby but I'm not sure as I haven't spoke to my mum but I can remember her saying something similar, anyway it's like my chest is tight and it's kind of hard to breath properly. If someone could give me an example or anything I can compare what I feel to that would be great, thanks & before someone may say go to the doctor, I'd rather know a bit more for myself first as I don't really go to the doctors as often as I should, thanks :)

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With asthma, it's not so much the breathing in that is the problem, it's the breathing out that is difficult. Clemmie


This is something that your doctor needs to assess. Don't feel stupid about going and asking them to check you out,thats what they are there for.


Yes, don't hesitate to go to the doctor. Even though I got to my GP quickly my chest infection turned into pneumonia and have just spent 2 days in hospital being zapped with intravenous antibiotics. My symptoms were tight chest, wheezing, shortness of breath walking upstairs or even just talking and feeling so tired. Am back home now loaded up with more antibiotics with a follow up consultation at the chest clinic in a couple of weeks.

I am on 20mgs of Methotrexate which I have had to stop at the moment. Respiratory doctor is not sure if the pneumonia is connected to the Methotrexate so will discuss with my Rheumy at my next appointment in a few weeks. I have to say I am not happy with continuing with Methotrexate as I already have an existing lung condition from childhood. (bronchiectasis)

So please be careful and don't leave it too late to see your doctor.



Have you checked it could be a side effect of any of the drugs you're taking. If you're not sure have a look through your patient information leaflet for each. Don't think it would be NSAIDS but it certainly needs checking by your GP or Rheumy team if you take methotrexate.


Have they suggested fibro , I have UCTD and fibro I have difficulty with breathing docs all thouhght it was asthma initially but have since decided it the fibro effecting my lungs ,it did start when I was on methotrate hope you find some answers take care x


Hi Tanya,

yes I am in the "you need to see your Doctor" camp. Don't feel that you need to know more. Any problems with the chest need to be seen just to be on the safe side.

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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