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NRAS Take to the Skies

NRAS Take to the Skies

So it is the big day tomorrow... Charlotte, Tameena, Emma and I will be making our way to RAF Weston in Bicester to get in a small plane and fly to 13,000 feet, before jumping out... we must be mad!

I did my first skydive back in May 2009 to raise money for NRAS and absolutely loved it. As soon as my feet touched the ground I wanted to do it again, so when Val, our Events Fundraiser mentioned that she was organising another Skydive I ‘jumped’ at the chance! This will, however, be the first time that Charlotte, Tameena and Emma have done one, and I hope that they all enjoy it as much as I did – mainly because I was the one who roped them all into doing it!

As well as ‘Team 10 NRAS’ we also have 17 other dedicated and brave individuals taking to the skies tomorrow to raise funds for NRAS, some of whom actually have RA themselves. So, if any of you out there have always wanted to skydive, but thought that your RA would stop you, think again! The instructors that take you up ensure you have a gentle landing and come up with ingenious ways to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Back in 2009 we even had a lady with RA do a skydive to celebrate her 70th birthday!

Here in Fundraising we are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to raise money to support people with RA. It is very easy to get caught up in the ‘fundraising moment’ here and as you may have heard from Oli in his blog last week, he has decided to take part in a Marathon next year (having never run before in his life!). I too have found myself looking for more daring and exciting challenges that I can take part in to help raise money, and after a bit of research on the internet yesterday I now have my mind set on ‘Wing Walking’. This involves being strapped on top of the wings of a small acrobatic aeroplane before the pilot completes a full practice air display.... which at least will provide some entertaining photos for the NRAS Facebook page!

Anyway, please think of us all tomorrow lunchtime when we will be proudly wearing our NRAS t-shirts and jumping out of a plane! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us, although if you haven’t done so yet it isn’t too late! Please visit our online sponsorship page here...

Thank you!


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Good luck to you all tomorrow you all work so very hard for the NRAS well done.

mand xx


Good luck to Team 10 and the NRAS members taking part tomorrow. You'll all be in our thoughts tomorrow, and a BIG thank you to everyone taking part and your contribution to NRAS.



Oh goodness... good luck hope the weather is with you.... and thank you.

Julie xx


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