100KM Trek across the Sahara for NRAS

100KM Trek across the Sahara for NRAS

HI all,

in 2 weeks time I shall be embarking on a fundraising challenge for NRAS. I intend to walk 100km across the Sahara desert ( it really wasn't in the contract, I volunteered!) It will take me a week and the nerves are starting to set in now. I know you all realise how much NRAS does for people with RA and so if you or any of your family and friends would like to sponsor me you can do so at:


Every penny you donate goes straight to NRAS as I have paid all the expenses myself. Wish me luck!

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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  • Good for you and for a great cause,I was going to say have a good time but y can say that when your finished take care

  • Thank you!

  • Wow what a fantastic thing to do and of course the best of luck , will defiantly support you xxx

  • Thank you, this is an amazing thing that you are doing for NRAS, will definately sponsor you. Wishing you good luck.


  • Hi Beverly did you do your trek ok and if so well done x

  • Hi Iainee,

    Yes I completed the trek in November and raised over £2000 for NRAS. It was very hot! Some of the pics from it are on the NRAS FB page:


    Thank you for asking


  • That's fantastic and wow that was a brilliant result I will look at pics I always forget to go to home page !

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